Motor Cat

the report this morning about teh kitten stuck in a car engine, mewing her little head off on Route 1 in Beltsville, MD reminded me of the many other death-defying Motor Cats we have in  the DC area.

Namely, Motor Cat.

it has come to my attention that teh great Motor Cat, Fearless Tabby of the Trails and Maryland Motorcycle Momma, ackshully lived here, in Takoma Park.  Just like me! AND she even went to my VET, The Takoma Park Animal Clinic, world renowned for patching up Adventure Cats like Ms. Motor and me.

So, wait.  YOU don’t know ’bout Motor Cat? See, that’s just my point.  She should be crazy famous.  School childrens should have to re-trace her many adventures, blazing trails through the Rock Creek Parkway and thru teh streets of DC, riding high on the tank of a Suzuki and leaning expertly into teh turns.  This Moto Kitteh could not get ENUFF of the wind in her face and the revs of the engine, even tho her human, at first, tried to keep  her off his bike.  She kept climbing on board.  And when he drove off in his car, people would pull him over to tell him there was a cat on the roof.  Motor Cat had a Need for Speed.  She had a Destiny.  She had a Calling. You can’t waste all yer Destiny Calling Mojo waitin’ in line at the DMV, am I right? So off they went.  

Wisely, her human, granted her wish.  He outfitted the tank with a square of carpet for her claws and searched the world over for a helmet.  A West German manufacturer finally donated one.  AND, teh good man changed his human name to J Catman.  Why others don’t follow his example, we’ll never know.  Teh man is a credit to his species, that’s fur sure. 

Motor Cat rode her bike unto the very last, finally succumbing to diabetes and breast cancer in 2002, after a long, full and free life on the open road. 

Which brings me to the remembering part.  My home of Takoma Park has memorials to lots of dumb things, like a Rooster, believe it or don’t, which I would have killt so many times if I had been alive, BUT they don’t have a statue to that Spirit of Adventure that was Motor Cat.  Motor Cat deserves a statue, especially this year, the 10h anniversary of her death.

There’s a Town Hall meeting next week.  i fink i has to go. I has a mission.

*fanks to our friends at for details on this story!

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