Miss Hap was a lucky girl.

Here we see she managed to find the Right Kind of Human.  The Kind of Human who has milks and nice warm pockets for keeping you safe.  The Kind of Human who don’t shoot you just for yeowling, which I am sad to say the Other Kind had just done to Miss Hap’s Mommy.  Lucky for her, Marine Sargent Frank Praytor was not about to leave a kitteh behind in that dangerous Bunker Hill of Korea.  

Semper Felis, as they say.

“Born at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Sargent Praytor said Miss Hap grew into a big strong kitteh who shared his tin of meat C- rations and became the mascot in the Marine 1st Division Public Information Office.

I’d curl up in that lap any day.  I’d say Miss Hap was one lucky girl.

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