The Few. The Proud. The Felines

Oh. Hello again.  You’re back.  Hmmmm…You must be as interested in Action and Adventure as I am.  I’m not surprised.  Even my human, Mrs. Whatsername, likes to go exploring as much as I do. Except she does it on the interwebs.   She assures me that there are fascinating kitties out there, almost as thrilling as I am.  Kitties who go to war, stunt cats in the movies and kitties who save human babies.  Not so sure about that last one, but I really should apply as a stunt kitty.  Mrs. Whatsername says other things too but I can only listen so much.   Anyway, she says my computer friends will enjoy learning about the lives of other Action-packed Adventure Cats, just like me.

If that’s your idea of fun…read on…We will feature a Special Ops Kitty Every week, like Chou and Sinbad and Pyro and Miss Hap many many more.  Keep reading!

p.s. – This picture comes from the Very Intrepid Human at Purr-n-Fur UK, a website devoted to Kitty Heros, just like me.

I’m not there yet, but just wait.

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