Suzie’s No Good Horrible Very Bad Day

so let me just say that it’s not bad enuff to be a kitteh with a flea allergy and a bit-up, scabby back side.  It’s not enuff to be hard at work on a multi-day vomitathon.  No.  When you live wif the Horrible Mrs. W. there is no sympathy.  There are no pats on the head or fresh piles of warm laundries to puke into or private moments with your Best Dust Bunny Buddies Under The Bed.  No.  Here, all you get is a trip to The Little White Room of Doom.

I can barely even look at these pictures.

I would have fought and bit and spit and showed no mercy wif my razor sharp claws and feral ferocitynesses, but Suzie is too classy for all of that.  She waited through all that poking and prodding and quackery with a silent dignity that shamed them all.  Then, after the THIRD!!! horrible shot did not Kills her, they gave up and stuffed her back in the box.  But before they could, she peed on the Vet.

She is my Hero.