an unscheduled little get away

chewy!Oh. Hello.  I didn’t see you there.  I am busy munching on this chewy little snacky-poo that raced right out the front door and (honest to Cod!), ran, straight into my little mouth!  Funny, huh? Now if that isn’t a Welcome Home treat, I don’t know what is. a relaxing mouse chew

So, yes, where was i? such a good question.  i was kind of hoping you knew and could tell me. all i remember is waking up wif all my new black and white friends, who kept me warm while we surfed on an ice flow for a good long time.  from the website 

see me in teh middle there? no? well, i was. i was probably bending down to snack on another fishie.  great guys, all of them. very generous wif teh fishes. very blubbery. 

then, as luck would have it, i was able to hop aboard a passing GreenPeace ship, Esperanza.  they were quite nice, as far as humans go, but when i asked, repeatedly, why we were just following the whale, but not bothering to EAT the whale, they suggested i would have more fun on another ship, which was lucky, cuz I now has all these great new Navy Seal friends and so after we took care of those Somali pirates and after tidying up a cave or two in Afghanistan, they dropped me off in the Chesapeake Bay and here I am. 

So. what did i miss?