Spelunking and Other Cat Adventure Stories

Kittehs are in the News! My fellow Intrepid Feline Explorers are being honored in John Kelly’s column of the Washington Post.  

I heard all about it last week while Mr. and Mrs. W. guffawed into their coffee mugs over the daring-do of Tank, a Wall-Walking Adventurer of Silver Spring MD.  Click on his name or on his picture to read the story of his thorough exploration of the uncharted territory of the ceiling.  Imagine teh wonders he must have seen…it boggles my furry little mind.

Then this Mr. Kelly simply couldn’t get enuff of Kitteh Pioneers, so he wrote ANOTHER story, about the Perilous Perils of Zoe, the Kitchen Cabinet Killer.  No cheap particle board Ikea cabinetry can stand in the way of her Quest for Knowledge, that’s for sure.  There are other brave kittehs like her, so click on Zoe’s cute yet confused little face to read her story and others.  

And head’s up, Mr. Kelly…a new bit of territory is about to be claimed in teh name of the Spitfire Empire.  There were Mans in the house today.  Mans wif tools and tape measures and shop lights.  There was a lot of noise and saw dust and while some Kittehs (looking at you, Suzie) flee from These Obvious Signs of Dangers to vomit in the linen closet, others march boldly into the Dark Heart of Insulations.  

One Small Prance for Cat…one Giant Pounce Cat-kind…

wish me lucks…