The Interrogation

Kittehs! Whew – I am bushed.  Interrogations are hard work.  So is Spilling Your Guts.  But it was well worth it.  

I was interviewed by MouseBreath Magazine.

Thanks, Funny Farmers!

 The Funny Farm Felines pinned me down, administered some kind of Truff Serum and before I knew it, I was all “blah-blah-blahtity-blah.”  If I revealed State Secrets or Mrs. W’s pin number…well, my bad, guess.  

You can read the whole story here.  And please go visit the crack team of cats (and dogs! can you believe it?!?) at Jans Funny Farm

A more clever bunch of sleuths and intrepid reporters I have neva seen.

But because of my loose lip bizness, it is possible that  my cover is blown.  My paws are crossed that the Readership of Mousebreath or Jan’s FFF team is not Spies, Moles, Yappy Dogs or the International Cabal of Evil Squirrels, but I need to be prepared.  

I may be out for a while, establishing a new identity in Des Moines, where the Feline Bureau of Investigation said they’ll set me up as Spot, a Poor but Honest Farm Cat.  

Maybe I can visit my new pal, William the Barn Cat, CatCareTaker of Arcadia Farms.

According to his Twitter Feed, he has a lot of important missions as well, many involving Squash Eating Squirrels. He has been kidnapped from his beloved barn and forced to stay indoors for the winter.  His captors are justifying this by claiming to teach him proper House Cat Behavior, but I know he needs to be sprung.  

Hang tight, William! I’m coming!

Or possibly I’ll head out to meet up again with my buddies, The Navy Seals.  I’m sure there’s a cave or two still in need of investigating.

Or! Or, maybe I’ll catch a bus and go lie low wif my BoyFriend, Spitty. 

fanks! mousebreath magazine for the image

He tells me he lives in the SF Bay area, but damned if I can find it.  Is it St. Flouis, Spitty? Is that where it is? It sure wasn’t San Fantonio, where I won’t be going back to anytime soon. I’ve been kicked outta better litter boxes than that place.  

Well, where ever I end up, mums the word, right Kittehs?  As we Navy Seals say, Semper Feline!

fanks! to