a total wtw? weekend

skidding to a stop in the wondrous white stuffsWow. that was crazy.  First the full moon. Then the white stuffs all over the lawn.  Dandruff, maybe? From the moon? I was really not sure.  There was NONE of this last year, but I was only still a kitten then and so may have been busy with other things, climbing the curtains and other kitteh parkour moves.

Anyway, I was full of Snow Leopard NRG and Crazy Pants Potential,  so I keep everyone pretty busy.

frolicsnow prancing

Sadly, there was actually nothing under this layer of Icy Moon-Dander, but I was determined to make sure.  Moles could easily hid there, of course.  And nothing would make for a yummier winter’s day treat like a Molesicle or two…but still, I came up empty-pawed.  However, my Snowy Prancing did get the attention of the Yaptastic Neighbor Dog.  See if you can find him in the picture.  Sadly, we could not get a shot of him doing back flips and threatening to kill me in that squeaky little bark of his, but trust me.frolic and dog torture. all in a day's work.  He was.

My Humans have always predicted that one day my antics would make his head pop off.  That afternoon, we came perilously close.

(For the record, I maintain that I have, successfully, popped his fluffy head off, at least once or twice, cuz why else would they re-attach it with that cone he sometimes wears, but Mrs. Whatsername says “no. not yet.  keep trying.”)  


BUT THEN, it was my turn for head popping, as look at who showed up, uninvited, for dinner?  rude dinner guestsMy horrid brother, Taffy.  Appalling, right? Seriously people.  WHO forgot to change the locks after he left?  These humans are always slacking on the most mundane household chores.  So it was up to me to take charge. Look at the size of my tail.  Look at my Evil Eyes.  Quickly, for him, Taffeta got the message and spent the evening hiding in a closet, like a baby.  Today, I am relieved to say that the closet smells Taffy-free, but I am guarding the door just to make sure.  If he thinks he’s going to muzzle in on my bowl, he better start pulling his weight.  Like  maybe he could do a few sessions with the Yaptastic Neighbor Dog.  That would be helpful.  Bring me the head of Yappy, on a silver platter, and we’ll talk, my Brother.  Until then, back off.