the too quiet backyard

IMG_2704it is wif a heavy heart that i tell you the loss of my friend and neighbor, Longfellow, aka, Mr. Yappy.

yes, yes, he was really a “frenemy,” but I like to think we both enjoyed our little game.  he got to bark himself into a pretzel and i got to pretend i had no earfly idea what was going one.  i like to think that thoughts of killing me were the highlight of his day.  I hope so. 

The backyard is quiet today.  i have to say, i don’t like it that way.

i’m sorry, Longfellow. i never meant to tease you. well. yes. I guess I did. but only a little.  i wish we could have one more dash along the fence line and one more yaptastic session of barkosity.  you did that better than any dog.

purrs until we meet again.  your friend,

sparky spitfire  Our friend, Longfellow


this is how it’s done, kitches…

Kittehs! It’s time for the Friday Felines of the Force lesson!

first, something easy.

Now, for advanced students: 

I am studying now.  Gonna float those moles right outta ground.  The rest of you, good lucks.  And remember:

“Do or Do Not. There is no Try.”

-Professor Yoda

(fanks to AllHailHypnoT0ad and FinalCutKing for the great videos!)