A New Era!

Ah! Breathe deep, Cat Bloggers! That wonderful smell is the dawning of a Sparky-free Era – thanks to me, Godfrey Goodmouse and the well-oiled machine that is Anonymouse.  It was I who spiked her toy mousie with Ambien! It was I who thought ahead and purchased Delivery Confirmation on a Sparky Care Package for the Antarctic researchers of Vostock station and while some may scoff (looking at you, Mr. Black), this is how I now know that the vile Murderess has in fact, been delivered – safe and sound and probably doing her imitation of an ice cube.

hoo-boy! excuse me while I roll on the ground here and laugh myself sick.  hoo! ha! hahahahahahahahahah.  tee-hee hee.  ahem.

okay! I’m off to take a victory lap around the house before I return to the burrow for my hero’s welcome.  In the meantime, here is just a reminder that we at Anonymouse are just getting started.  The world, sadly, appears to be filled with Sparky Spitfires.  But we are ready for them.  Here, then – a cautionary tale to start your new year –