inappropriate? who? me?

Kittehs! it’s Friday and all, so i went on Youtubey to get a jump on Caturday.  Mrs. W, I’ll have you know, was no help.  She kept saying “no. no. nope. not appropriate.” went on and on about how I was not being “family friendly” or “Grated.”  

Jeeze. What IS that woman’s problem? I mean, for all I know these Kittehs ARE my family. And, of course, I am always friendly.  36 FB friends can’t be wrong.  But, I will state, for teh record, that I am NOT and I have NEVA been Grated.  I am not a cheese, for heaven sakes.

anyway, teh lady in the song asks to see some lovely kittehs.  she gets her wish.  i bet you wanna see some kittehs too, right? Well, okay then. Wif out further ado:

fanks! to Mikkii Sanderson for posting the video and also to teh Lords of Acid for the, um, song.