The Midnight Didgeridoo

Oh. Hello again.

This is the part where i tell you about my many adventures.  As you know, I don’t have time for that right now.  I am still searching for my sister and I think she is somewheres in the garden. So I need to check that out.  But I guess I could tell you at least part of a mystery. If you are good, like, say, you bring me a fish in a little bowl, or leave a few sprigs of catnip, or something like that, maybe I’ll tell you more.  But  later, prolly.  After I does some prowling and general catting around.  But I won’t forget. Promise. What did you say your name was, again?

Anyway, click on a chapter to find out more about the Midnight Didgeridoo, which was just as exciting as it sounds. Promise.  Be sure to leave the fish and the catnip on the deck.  I’ll be back for that later. Possibly.

Chapter One – Monsters 

Chapter Two – Friends, Foes and Fiends

Chapter Three – Hamster Wheels are Turning

Chapter 4 – The Ugly Assitant

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