ISO…Smokey Spitfire.

Missing.  One Sister.  Last seen on a Sunday. Before nap time. When was that? A while ago, really. Days and days.  Does that really matter? The question is – Where is she?  It’s just like her leave me alone like this.  Maybe she’s wandered off again to carry out some Brilliant Plan of hers.  She’s always doing that.

What? What does she look like? Don’t you know? Well, since you ask, she looks like me.

Of course she does.  She’s my sister.  Except that where I have Bold Splashes of Color and Tiger Stripes of Action and Adventure, she has smudges, like she was thinking of being like me, but then changed her mind and tried to erase it.  I’m glad she did, because that would be confusing if we looked completely alike.  Also, she looks fuzzy – I don’t mean soft and cute. I mean, you know, blurry. Her eyes are never quite in focus.

Which is very good camouflage because the Humans think she’s not very bright.  But she is.  The Humans can pick her up and blah blah blah at her, tell her all the details of their lives and she will just stare at them like it doesn’t register.  But it does. She remembers everything they tell her.   Very helpful, if you have a lot of mysteries to solve, like we do.

But now I’m the one who has to solve the mysteries around here.  That’s a lot of work for one cat.  So I need her.  I need her because she became the Biggest Mystery of All when she disappeared.  I am going to find her, I just know it,  but it sure would be a lot easier if she were here.

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