16 thoughts on “The CFO Calls a Meeting…

    • yes, but sometimes my special ExeCATive chair is filled wif purses and books and other human nonsense that is not conducive to high-powered napping. I need to see improvement in this area.
      Paw pats to all of you too! (gosh! there are a lot of you!)

    • tell me about it. Mrs. W still has not produced a single report on Cat Nip Production Projections or filed a single Fishy Treat Acquisition form. I’m not sure she believes in teh Company Mission.

  1. Said with true tortietude! Well done!

    Lilith Kitten-Mahoney, Age 13
    Registered Nurse Cat & Purr Therapist
    a/k/a THE ELDER PUSS!

    • Elder Puss, what is to be done wif her? how can I get her to take Medical and Family Leave – the kind that requires her to leave open cans of food and then leave me alone? Why is this so complicated? Dang Bureau-Cats.

    • but Nellie, isn’t there some kind of Minimum Purrage that applies here? Can’t I get away wif less than 7.25 purrs a day? like, if I claim she’s only a parti time employee cuz I’m asleep a lot of teh times. That’s an idea. And why does she always insist on bonuses, like picking me up? She’s greedy, that’s all.

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