Butter Monster Contingency Plans (continued)

hum hum de hum de…whu??? sniff sniffity-sniff…     mhmm!

lick, lickity-lick -* 


Hey! what’s the big idea! where do you get off sneaking up on my like that?! WTW is up wif you? I mean, really.  No. I was not licking teh butters. No! I wasn’t even ON teh counter! I was just…well, yes. Maybe I was on the counter…BUT only to inspect your new, so called “Monster Traps.” Is that what you fink will save us from teh ferocious Butter Monster? Really?  You fink coating tin cake pans wif delicious, wunnerful, buttery butter will entice this Fearsome Huntress…uh, I mean, Butter Monster out of her…um, ITS lair and IT will eat teh butters and knock over pans and make noise and and and, then what? Did you even this thru? Then teh Butter Monster will run and hide because of teh noise? The noise will alert the Police and the SWAT Teams who will come wif stun guns and haul teh Proud and Noble Butter Monster into a cage and then off to teh zoo and then Teh Day Will be Saved? Sirriously?! Is that your plan? 

Cuz, frankly, I don’t fink you know what you’re dealing wif here, Lady.  

Yeah. Good luck with that.

2 thoughts on “Butter Monster Contingency Plans (continued)

  1. Sparky, my darlin’, you know what you need, doncha? Well, *I* do. You need you one a them Harry-Potter Invisibility Cloaks. Yep, you sure do. And the good thing about it, is that it’s usually big enough for two or three or even more kitties to go butter-stealing–er, I mean Evil-Hunting.

    See, yer first Big Mistake was not controlling your insatiable Butter Lust. If you had just taken a coupla delicate LadyCat-like licks, she prolly never would have even KNOWN. But noooooooooo, you had to take big chompy old bites! Geez, no finesse, Sparky. You should called me first!

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