butter? wut butter?

Oh, hellos.

Um.  Yes. Well, I am on the counter, that’s tru.  But I was NOT eating teh butters. NO! How could you say such a fing?!

I was just investigating the, um, teef marks.  Yes, that’s it.  Just look at that!  Scary, isn’t it?   Like some kinda MONSTER or sumfing was chewing on it.  Wow.  I’d be worried if I was you.  In fact, I’m just going to hop down now…

*thurlp.  gulp.  thlurplickity-lick…slurp…* 

Why are you looking at me like that?  I’m only trying to help.  You may want to call teh Extreeminators.  Maybe you need a bear trap in here. Just sayin’.  Jeeze.  

5 thoughts on “butter? wut butter?

  1. OMC- mew DO indeed have some kind of butter nomchomping monster on the loose in mewz house Sparky!! Mewz human should be grateful mew were on the case INVESTIGATING and brought their attention to the matter. I hope mew are given plenty of treats and scritches as a reward for mewz valiant behavior- I mean mew have possibly, no have DEFINITELY saved mewz human’s life by discovering this. If mew are lucky to have a smart human they will recognize the reality of the situation. Purrs to mew, my fellow Queen.

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