Free August and Arfur!!!

sparky on teh counterKittehs! Kittehs!

You won’t believe this.

There I am, trying to do some good for Society and Teh Youts of Tomorrow and the next fing I know….oops, I step right onto a Political Third Rail

Just one little get-away to Mew York City and all the sudden, I’m involved in a Political and Transportation Imbroglio.  It happens more often then you would think, ‘cept this time was EXACTLY like that nursery rhyme.  You know, teh one about teh Lost Kittens…

Teh Two Little Kittens, they lost their tokens and they began to cry

Sparky Dear, we greatly fear, our Subway Tokens we has lost! 

“What? Lost yer Tokens, you Crazy Kittens, looks like you’ll have to jump the turnstile.

Meow Meow Meow Meow 

Yes, you’ll have to jump teh turnstile.”

And THAT was the last I heard from little August and Arfur, my two charges from teh Big Brofur, Big Sisfur Program.  These little inner-city urchins look up to me soooooo muuuch and of course I had to make times in my bizzy schedule to take them out on teh town.  We all had a lovely day in Brooklyns, eating hot dogs from teh dumpster behind Nathans in Coney Island, shedding on Hipsters in Williamsburg, etc, etc…when, just as we are getting into the Uptown D Train, I got distracted by a guy in an Elmo costume.  I was JUST as I was about to put teh bitey on him, I realized that August and Arfur was gone.

And I suppose this is the kind of fing that would get me fired as a Big Sisfur, but akshully, it ended up being a big plus for my little furriends.  Not only has they got the attenshuns of Evabuddy in Mew York, but also the Mayor, teh Mayor Wanna-bes, the Medias and Mr. Colbert himself.  

To wit:

So remembers, Kittehs! We must do all we can to help these little guys NOT end up as a political football or tossed into teh East River. also, we MUST do somefing about rats big enuff to vote.  That has GOT to stop.  It’s up to us, Kittehs.  Who’s wif me?

15 thoughts on “Free August and Arfur!!!

  1. Sparky, Sparky, Sparky! You know, when I heard about the Subway Kitten Imbroglio, somehow I just **KNEW** that you were at the root of it, and I was once again proven correct. Too bad you couldn’t have been on Colbert….oh wait! You’re the one who lost those little kittens—guess you mighta been in a different handbasket….one headed straight to you-know-where. Well, I’d come rescue you, you know, even from the Jaws of Satan! XOXOXOXO

  2. Alas my darling girl, No, the soon to be Royals of Maryland are Ayla and Iza, with Marley as their Lord Chancellor. This is of course a state secret, so I expect this message with self-destruct in 30 seconds. And as always, if you or any member of your team is caught or captured, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge . . .uh, wait–what? Never mind.

  3. Hello, my sweet, I understand that you are far too busy to assume the responsibilities of Viceroyship at this time. You have multiple Peeps and sticky little people (or at least ::shudder:: teenagers) to look after. There will be plenty of time in the future for court duties. XOXOXO

  4. Hee hee hee–you maded me laff and laff, Sparky Sweetcheeks! That old ruin really is a sh*tty tourist stop! Ha ha ha–climb around, trip on the rocks, fall, knock yourself out and drown. Next!

  5. My Human was an Epic Fail on Pirate Day so I just came round to say, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Oh, and I took your advice the other day and gave her a little nip. Judging by her Pirate Day fail, however, it didn’t do much good.

  6. The Human laffded and laffded at your comment today. She used to be sooooooooooooo messy but in the last 8 or 10 years she has turned over a new leaf but she still has to work at it. So she got all full of herself about being neat. Frankly, it was pretty annoying, Sparky.

  7. Sparky! Darling, it was sooooo exciting to see you pop up in the comments today. What is UP with your Human?? I think she should be reported to the SPCA–would you like me to call them for you? Are you being held hostage against your will? WHAT???

    • Spitty! SPIIIIIITY!!! help me for Cod’s Sake, HELP ME. Frow a lifesaver, call teh police, teh SWAT Team, preferably…this woman finks she has a LIFE and claims she has no times. NO times!!! can you believe it? How I hates her. I will take back teh dead baby mouse i gave her for her 50 billionth birfday. you need to come put the bitey on her. Quick.

      • and see! SEE! She even took over my head shot. where’s my adorable tabby face with the orange spot?! No wheres. She said she wanted to look more “professional.” said she has to look for teh jobs. Yeah. Good luck with that, Green Professional Mermaid Lady. Good frickin’ luck.

  8. HURRAY! You’re BACK!!! Sort of. But what is up with mermaid lady?? Hey, I’d hire YOU before her 😉 !!! Is your Lady really looking for a job? Cause if she is that might be a pretty good eggskyoose for not helping you post and visit very much. Isn’t she a florist or sumfing? Or am I having the crazy? I has missed you, my sweet darling! Please come over and help me kill Pinkie, okay?? XOXOXO

    • miss you too Spittimus. you are so right. lack of teh jobs has finally worn her down to point to of wander the housie in her pajamas – putting her in prime blogging mode. She even made me a Twitter Account! Follow that birdie, Spitty! Follow it!!!

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