Favorite thingies

Hey Kittehs!  Guess What?!

I got an awardie! I am so thrilled.  You love me! You really do! or at least my friend Penelope, The Cat from Hell, does.


Before I start to thank the Academy and my Mom for this Prestigious My FavOUrite Things Awardie, there are a few things I have to do.  


Okay – first I has to THANK Nellie – the Cat From Hell!  

Nellie  is Teh Bomb – an all around perfect kitteh: mean, beautiful, easy to anger, mouthy, mean, dangerous, loved by Mancats around teh globe.  Also, mean.  I lubs her. I’m gonna grow up to be just like her.  Only meaner.

Next, I has to tell you about my SIX FAVORITE THING:

1. Freedoms

IMG_0144I do live in teh Capital of teh Free World and all, so you can’t exactly expect me to stay indoors, watching CSpan all day, can you? No.  I should say not.  If you need me, I’ll be in a tree.

As a former feral kitty, I am allergic to laps and grabby hands.  You know what they say – “you can take the litter of kittens out of the engine block of an abandoned El Camino, but you can’t take the engine block out of the kitten…no, wait…that’s not it. Well, anyway, like Mr. Cole Porter used to say: 

let me wander over yonder, til I see the mountains rise,

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences,

gaze at the moon until I loose my sense,

I can’t look at Cat Carriers and I laugh at fences

Don’t fence me in.   

 and even if you did put up a fence, I would just climb a tree a jump ova it, so don’t bother.

2. Power Petting.

What? you’ve never HEARD of Power Petting?  Well, let Mr. Whatsisname show you how it’s done.  That man should quit his day job and start a Kitteh Spa and Massage Parlor.  Excuse teh grainy out of focus, dimly lit video.  Mrs. Whatsername is an auteur, don’t you know.  Auteur, I believe, if French for amateur, low-budget, porn producer…http://youtu.be/3YLU9MXwPPY

3.  Being fed first.

feed me. now. me. me. me. me. me...Me. Now. Suzie can wait. she told me she’s fine with that. Now. Me. Where are you going wif that can? NO! don’t recycle it! there’s no time for that…Feed! Me! Now! Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me….oh. fanks….

4.  Fishy Bacon

or as the Japanese say, “bonito flakes.” Breakfast of Champions, you know. keeps my coat shiny, my tiger stripe nice and stripy, and give my orange dot an extra special glean.  Also, very fishy.

Sammy Snacks is my very favorite

5.  4:41 a.m.  

Best time in the world to bring a new toy to the bed room to demonstrate to Mr. and Mrs. W. my prowess at batting and leaping and jumping.  Also, can I go back outside now?

6.  Spitty.  

 Oh! how I lubs him.  So Dashing -so Ebil…just the kind of Bad Boy Basement Kitteh our Mommies warned us about.  I can’t wait to free him from his entrapment in the Bay Area.  Just you wait and see if I don’t.  I just need figure out which bay…certainly wasn’t the Chesapeake.  I looked there already.  But when I do find him, he is going to be my Faithful Lover Boy forever…

Wait – what?  What’s that, you say? Penelope, teh Meanest, Angriest Kitteh from Hell, ever! also lubs Spitty?!?!



Well, Nellie, this the just the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? 

Anyhoo – the My FavOUrite Thingie Awardie requires me to send this Award to My FavOUrite Bloggie Buddies.  Drum roll pleasie-please…

Gemini, the kitteh who just wants to know what’s on the other side of the fence (pssst! it’s me! I’m on teh other side! come find me!!!)

Odin, that one-eyed wonder

Taro Sushi (aka, Japan Jumping Cat) – Wow! is he great or what? Don’t tell Spitty…

Jelly Bean, Guiseppe, Mimi, Sunshine, and Mewsette of the Creative Cat – a posse of 5 ebil basement kittehs…i like how that human is outnumbered…

 Texas, the bestest big brother cat out there.  Kitshka, you are so lucky.  also, fanks to both of you, for not laughing at Madame W.’s pitiful French

and finally – Minnie Mica Moo, cuz her lack of eyebrows really is my favorite thingie.

Fanks Penelope and blogging buddies!  Headbonks all around!

30 thoughts on “Favorite thingies

  1. Concats on your award. Spitty seems to be just about on efurrybuddies’ list of Favorite Things. You have a lot of competition for his affections, including seven of us! The attraction must be that he’s such a bad boy. We have just recently discovered your blog, and we think you are so funny. Hope you will drop by and meet us sometime, Purrs and hugs from the kitties at http://www.thecatonmyhead.com, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Wow! Those are some of the best favourite things, EVER! I especially like the 4:41 theory and I have just GOT to try some of that powerpetting. Looks like it’s very good stuff.

    Oh…. MOUSES! I see that when I thought WP had eaten the first part of my comment, it really hadn’t. Instead, it published it. Hmmm…. This is a friggity-frack der quack-der-knack moment, for sure.

    Anywho… I really wanna thank you for informin’ me ’bout this powerpetting thing. Gonna get the peep to watch your movie so that she knows what to do.


  3. Sparky mew rule in my book- I love an independent, intelligent, covert, unapologizing ninja lady cat who knows how to handle her humans. As a tortie ladycat I am known to be bossy, demanding, and independent but I also can be sweet and loving- to those who I believe are worth it. Paws up to all the rockin’ ladycats in the world!

  4. I know you put a lot of work into this post, Sparks, but didn’t you leave out the bushy tailed ones in your list of favourite things? I’ll address this omission with you at my next appointment at the powerpetting spa….

  5. Concats on your award! And many thanks for passing it on to me. I love your fav things, but I do say I am impressed with your will power and consideration for ol’ Whatshername. You really let her sleep late. I feel 4:05 it the purrfect breakfast time. My browless look is hard work but the best part is how it drives the mom nuts. I’m glad you like it!


  6. Dearest Sparky,
    To bes likes me, yous needs to LOVES ALL the man cats and leaves them wanting MORE! Purhapps (when me gets a chance) Me should blogs on how to bes a Cat From Hell!
    And Sparkey Keeps up the hellery!

  7. Darling, there’s Massacre Bay, Delaware Bay, Bolinas Bay, Hilo Bay, Penobscot Bay, Green Bay, Tillamook Bay, Baffin Bay and scores of others. Keep looking! I want you to find me 😉 cause you know it gives me the shivers to think that *I* am on your six favorite things list. Nellie is right, too–that whole ‘monogamy’ thing? Let the Humans have it. We kitties have lots more room in our little hearts for a LOT of loving XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • sure, but that big chunk is saved for you. but, bye, gotta go, as teh orange kitteh who acts all tough but I’m sure it’s just an act, is at teh back door. gotta go hiss/spit/fight/cuddle up wif him and then I’ll be RIGHT BACK to look for you. Promise.

  8. Hello my sweet. Orange Boy at your door??? What??? Hrrmph.

    My Human says she is all “busy” and we are taking a little Blogcation (much against *my* wishes). I think she is just being ridiculous. XOXOXOXO

  9. Hello my sweet! A real mousie, eh? It would be fun to watch the Human run screaming through the house, but I think he’s be too stale to have much nommability left in him.

    Hey, one of the Human’s favorite former colleagues came to visit–she and her husband and daughter live near Washington, DC now, in some wacky little town called “Cabinjohn”. The Human thought she was making that name up, but evidently not. She said it was kind of a fancy place but that they live in the un-fancy part, MOL!

    Come watch my video, darling. I’m taking a nice baff. I think you’ll like it. XOXOXOX

    • oh, Spittimus, I lubbed teh baffy video…even if I could tell teh Pawparratzi was getting on your nerves. Cabin John is a groovy-tunes little place with heaps of character, surrounded by teh mc mansion- ville of Pawtomac. We like it cuz it stays groovy, even when surrounded by such bad influences. Also, they has a carousel and weekly swing dances. Care to join me for teh Bugaloo? (by which I mean a lot of dancing around and eating bugs). purrs.

      • Oh Sparky! I cannot imagine a happier evening than doing the bugaloo wif you! I loves me some good bugs and we don’t get many here in Fog City. So Cabin John is a real place, eh? The Human hadded the slightest suspicion that her friend was having her on, ha ha meow!

        I’m glad you enjoyed my baff movie–yes I was just a tiny bit peeved at the Human, but I wanted to share it with my favorite LadyCats so I tried to give a good performance.

        See you later for the Bug Chasing. XOXOXOXOXO

  10. Purrs and concats on your award. Your favorite thingies are sure a lot like our favorite thingies, too!

    Thanks so much for coming by to give us words of comfort when Tom went to the Bridge. He was a very special little guy. xx

    Mom Julie, Mittens, Tinker and Anastasia

  11. Hello, Sparky darling! I am so sorry the Human has been lazy and rebellious about helping me visit. Sigh. Pretty soon (next Monday) the students will come back and that means they have to start having faculty meetings this Wednesday and she’s all bummed and pouty about it. I think pretty soon she’ll adjust to the inevitable and then visiting and stuff will get better. XOXOXOX

  12. My sweetest darling girlie-girl, You are so exciting, Sparky! Efurry time you visit my bloggy you have another fantastically fun idea! I think we should meet somewhere halfway across the country–maybe somewhere quiet and peaceful, like Kansas, and we can go into the witness protection program or something and get brand-new identities and then we can just TERRIFY the local population. What do you think??? XOXOXOXO

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