there goes Tokyo…

oh. hello.Alright! I’m so exicited!  It’s Summer Blockbuster Time! time to curl up and pop some corn…

wow.  I think I need to watch them all, you know? a marathon of epic Catzilla movies.  I just can’t get enuff of that “Folly of Man”theme.  Here’s one of my favorites…

…and here is an Preview of Coming Attractions:

and, here, I fink, are stills for even more upcoming movies.  Click here for ADVENTURE!

oh, it will be a good summer…

fanks! to ruxtwins, eat blue sausagesewm visual arts and wall to for these Cinema Greats!

9 thoughts on “there goes Tokyo…

  1. Ah Sparky–the Bitey–it never fails, my sweet!

    As much as I enjoyed your Catzilla series (and I will be back for a second viewing), I am longing–yet reluctant–to ask this questions, as I remember the sad tale the last time I enquired about your sisfur. But you mention Suzy. Who is Suzy? Is she, you know, one a them “invisible friends”? Or is she a living, breathing fur-covered housemate?

    • ask away, dear Spittimus…but also read away, you big handsome Lunk Head, as I already introduced Suzy, the upstairs cat:
      (oop! Suzy…Suzie…sometimes I get creative wif the name spelling – what am I, a copy editor?) anyway, she is the cat who has lived here for CENTURIES before I came. She stays mostly lives upstairs, having a mild case of Agoraphobia and a major case of Sleepyhead. She’s a great Auntie and I lubs her, but she do need to get out a bit more, i fink. But, thanks to my tutelage and inspirations, she now comes out on the deck to watch me scamper in the yard. She knows a BIJILLION bed time stories, so I’ll have her tell us all one soon. Fanks for asking!

      • Oh Sparky, I iz sooo embarrassed — droopy ears. Shame face. See, that was the post with the crazy sushi cat stuff and I guess I gotted distracted, heh heh. Now I understand. But I take exception to your description of Miss Suzie as “centuries old” at a mere 13! I myself just turned NINE. So am *I* a century old now? Honestly, Sparky. Careful who you’re callin’ “ancient”, Missy!

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