Garden Tour

Oh, good.  You’re here.  follow me.  you won’t BELIEVE what they’ve done now.

you see that? that was once a perfectly wunnerful outdoor litter box.  

Sure, they used some Fancypants French word for it, like “le sand box,”  and it was used pretty regularly by Childrens, but they grew up and quickly found that a sand box was not place to bring a laptop.  But it was, for all intents and purposes, a totally awesome litter box.  

The only decent amenity this establishment ever had to offer, as far as I was concerned.  

But do they ASK the opinion of their loyal clientele? Was a focus group ever convened?  Did they spend a dime on Kitteh-centric marketing? Non, non et non.  They just plowed on thru wif shovels and buckets and leafy plants  and rocky rocks, and before you know it – Zen Garden Path with Bamboo and Stone Lantern.  It’s like they paved paradise and put up a Shinto Shrine. 

The sublime tranquility of it all is just killing me.

Still, I soldier on. 

 There are fings to chew on.  

Double top secret places to hide. Freshly unearthed and terribly confused moles to corral.  Birdies making pit-stops for worms.  Stuffs to keep me busy.  

But, now, if you’ll excuse me, I have “business” to attend to.  That box in the basement, the one marked “Important Papers,” – should do in a pinch – at least until construction resumes on my “Latrine du Chat en Plein Air.”  I’ll let you know when the ribbon cutting ceremony begins.  


12 thoughts on “Garden Tour

  1. Well, darling, what’s stopping you from, uh, you know, “watering” those pathway stones? And frankly, those plants look like they could use a good fertilizing. Plenty of privacy too. Get going, girl!

  2. Hello my sweet, I love that second to last photo–so charmingly delicate and graceful! Is it really you? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. The mom remembers neighborhood cats visiting her sandbox when she was young. Of course, you can leave “comments” along the path where bipeds are likely to tread on them. That should get your point across.

  4. Of COURSE there’s room in the hammick for you, my sweet. And anyway, even if it collapses it’s only like four inches off the floor, so we’d barely even notice! XOXO

  5. Hi Sparky, Thanks for visiting me. Did you enjoy the Hammick? Yes, it turns out there really *was* room for two. I think it was horribly mean of the Human to post that awful picture the other day–try to wipe it out of your mind, darling.

  6. Oh Sparky!!! I have been singing your song to myself for hours and reveling in having my own anthem. I wonder if I could teach it to all the kitties, everywhere, and have them serenade me on my Birfday or something? This is the nicest thing anykitty ever did for me, my darling! Best of all if you could teleport over here and sing it (ala Marilyn Monroe) into my little shell-pink earsicle XOXOXO

  7. Darling, You need to goose your Human along a little. I mean, you are adorable of course, but JUNE 13?? I mean, c’mon–that’s just embarrassing! I call it downright neglect.

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