“But at what cost?”

oh, hi. 

I have been verrah bizy, as you know, what with spring gardening and all.  

Every time the Humans here dig a hole in the yard, they find worms and grubs,  which catch the eye of birdies, who, in turn,  trigger ancient prey instincts in certain Stunningly Stealthy Huntresses, which, for some reason, makes Ms. Whatsername squeal Blue Bloody Murder  (a thoughtless distraction, you can imagine, especially when one is in mid-pounce), so after an exciting, feather-filled fraction of a second, only the damn worm is happy and going back to his biziness and the rest of us need a strong drink. 

As I have alluded to in teh past, Mrs. W. has a bad habit of blundering into the wrong place at the wrong time, igniting Cascades of Unintended Consequences, like she do, and so I post teh following educational video in teh hopes she’ll learn a thing or two.  Hope springs eternal.  Much like grubs.

Anyway, wish me lucks.

fank! to Sam Shirely  and Monty Python’s Flying Circus  for this useful Public Service Announcement.

10 thoughts on ““But at what cost?”

  1. MEWHAHAHA! Once again Sparky, mew rock! I can empathize totally with mew as my human/Mom also has an ignorant understanding of our feline instinctual NEED to hunt. I myself have an undeniable desire to hunt snakies and enjoy a rowzing game of ‘catch-release-pounce’ and ‘snakie toss.’ If caught in one of these moments of joy, my human Mom, who has a fear of the things. (??!!!Pfftt!!!!) instructs my Grandpaw to remove the prey from my paws and take it far down the little creek near our back yard which is my hunting grounds and release it. I then am the lucky recipient of some shrieking, mumbo jumbo lecture about not hunting creatures cuz it’s not ‘nice’ or ‘not good Karma.’ I’m afraid these humans need to be sent for retraining, as they are forgetting the #1 rule of being our servants: Thy cat is always in charge and their actions are not to be questioned nor denied. I believe I’m going to have to form a plan of revenge, I mean, action… If mew have any good ideas I would love to hear them, one defied cat to another we must stick together. 😻🐾

  2. THAT is one of my favorite Monty Python bits!!! Me thinks that cat was modeled after me!
    And what is with humans and our feathered prey!

  3. We’re BIG Monty Python fans here! : )

    ….Sparky, we just had to tell you how incredibly PAWSOME your song-comment was on our Beatles blog today!!!!!!!! We LOOOOVED it!!!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  4. LOVE the Monty Python Long Cat video!

    As for Mrs. W and the Bird Rescuing: Well, *I* call that Huntus Interruptus and really, it’s not good for ANYONE.

    Now that the Human’s two hideous work weeks are done, I hope I can make the Human help me visit more often again!

  5. Our mom loved MP! We kitties think some peeps need a more intense “shock therapy”. Shock them with bird parts and dead moles, incapacitated mousies and squished dead voles.

  6. Hi darling, Just as you said you were glad we would be around more….the Stoopy Human missed helping me visit yesterday. Sigh. Sometimes she is worse than useless. And do you know what? Instead of staying home with me LIKE SHE SHOULD she continues to go to “school” and “work”–it’s apparently some torture camp they call “summer school”–she says it’s not as long or as late as regular school and she’s not actually TEACHING or anything but apparently she gets paid to just hand around, so I guess that’s useful for the trips to the Holy Temple of PetSmart, right? Kissies XOXOXO

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