Snooze-time with Suzie Moonbeam

IMG_2023oh! Pardon moi.  sorry to yawn in yer face like that …I’m just settling in for tonight’s adventure.

NOT the normal, evaday, daytime adventure, of course.  Not like today, when I sprinted, panther-like, all the way up a tree and leapt, ninja-like, onto the roof, and then meowed, pitiful-like, until the neighbors called Teh Authorities.  Then, while Mrs. Whatsername  crawled out a tiny dormer window wif an open can of tuna – I hopped back down the tree and on to the patio, skillfully knocking over potted herbs while I searched for a comfy spot to take a baff…until I remembered that I had, earlier that day, cut a hole in the kitchen screen window with my delicate little claw and so was able to saunter back inside and ask, very polite-like, for teh can of tuna.

So, like I said, no. Nothing so mundane as that.  Time now for some real excitement.

Because tonight, for some reason, I am locked inside.  There is sloppy, heavy-handed slab of duct tape where my intricately-cut screen hole used to be .  But that’s okay, because  I have a new adventure.  Right now, I’m on the bed, all snuggled in tight, ready for a Beguiling Beddy-bye Story from the Reigning Monarch of REM Sleep – The Emerald-Eyed Empress of Snooze-ville –

Suzie Moonbeam!IMG_2865

(for those of you unawares – Suzie is the cat who has lived upstairs ever since I came to live here.  She is an Ancient Tuxedo Kitteh – 13 entire years old, and Classy, as well as Wise.  While she may not look like much other than a Penguin impersonating a Bowling Pin – she does, in fact, have an Amazing Superpower.  Suzie can sleep All. Day. Long.  I’ve clocked her at 23 3/4 hours, at a stretch, which must be some kind of record.  Also, she can put everyone else to sleep.  She’s like an Insomnia Atom Bomb.  Mrs. W. has tried to read the same paragraph in a book for YEARS, but with Suzie in her face, purring in her full-0n Hypno-Kitteh style, sending her off to La-La Land to ride the Good Ship Somni-Pop…the book just falls on her face and That is That).  

Suzie,  a regular Voyager to Slumber City, is renowned for giving the most excellent Nocturnal Tours of the Snoozy Subconscious. 

So! Suzie! Wifout further ado – what IS tonight’s Exciting Adventure?

oh – my. this is gonna be good.

fanks to TadNPeanuts for this amazing and thought-provoking video.  Mom, why AM I sushi? I’ll be finking about this for a while…

11 thoughts on “Snooze-time with Suzie Moonbeam

  1. Oh.My.Cod. That is about the strangest little moobie we ever saw….and the Human said she will not be able to look at her spoon and fork the same ever again.

    Susie Moonbeam is one cool cat. When I wasn’t feeling good — ahem, pre-abscess removal — I was snoozing upwards of 23 hours myself. The Human gotted suspicious cause she thought that was a lot of sleeps even for me.

    Plastic rectangles, eh. Hmm. I’ll look into that. XOXOXOXOXO my Sparkalicious Darling!

  2. Wow! Mes thinks that whole video is like some weird Valerian induced dream!
    But kind of cool too!

  3. Hello Sparky darling,
    I am sorry I’ve been kind of scarce. By this time in the school year, the Human is even more impossible than usual. When finals and graduation are finally done, mid-June, she should revert to being only ordinarily unreliable. XOXOXOXO

  4. Sparky, darling–You caughted a BIRDIE? How I admire your hunting skills. Here in captivity I am confined to hunting BUGS, BUGS! It’s just an outrage! I am so sorry your Woman took your trophy away–how DARE she? These Humans spoil ALL our good times. Sigh.

  5. Spitty is wooing yous too!?! he is such a silver tongued devil! And yous thought me was the Cat From Hell!!!
    PS – Me too is 13 years old and me too can sleeps for 23 3/4 hours!

    • uh-oh…um, no, no, Nellie! wuteva gave you that idea? Spitty’s xoxoxox is really just…um…mice and birdies. yes. that’s it. how many mice and birdies he caught today. isn’t he impressive? wut a guy. YOUR guy, of course. But still…

  6. It isn’t nice to say you saved some birdie to share with me and then in the next breath to say “Sorry I ate it”! But I lubs you anyway.

    Also, Spitty has plenty of love in his heart for all kinds of Lovely LadyCats.

  7. Even though she is all grabby-handed, at least Mrs. W would be around. And you know what? If she brushed me long enough, I *might* learn to lubs her. Not like I lubs YOU of course, my sweet girl XOXOXO

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