Good morning! time to open your furry little hearts, Purriors…

Wasn’t that wunnerful?  Don’t you feel all at One wif teh world? Me too.  

Well, that is just a start, as Mrs. W. is reaching a certain milestone birfday later this year and has decided to double-down on the exercise, causing her to become out-of-breafs and even more pungent with the whole Human Stink thing.  She usually comes home from these workouts kinda giddy and dizzy, cuz the poor old girl ain’t what she used to be, but that’s okay, cuz we find that she sometimes gets confused and feeds us twice.  then she passes out on the couch with an extra warm and sweaty lap.  

I’d like to help her, but no matter how much I suggest it, she simply will NOT climb a tree wif me or dash through the under brush, or perform any other basic cardio.  Also, could one of you Humans tell her that Sauvingon Blanc is NOT an energy drink?  She won’t listen to me.  Anyway, in a last ditch effort to get her to be SIRRIOUS about her workout, I am also posting this:

Happy Exercise, eva one!

fanks to that Handsome Mans Sho Ko, (hey! even I admit it.  this is one Manly Specimen. Too bad for the rest of them are lacking in cat-like reflexes and sinewy muscley muscles…) for his amazing cat videos!

10 thoughts on “Namcatste…

  1. What a great idea! Mes would LOVES it is my fluffy ample bottomed human would do some of those with me!

  2. My darling sparky–We luffed the cat yoga man. The Human would die if she even tried any of that stuff–worse, she’d collapse on ME and then I’d be Flat Spitty and I don’t mean like those cardboard cutouts people take to restaurants and BlogPaws conventions and stuff.

    Also, fank you my sweet darling girl for visiting me in my afflictions. It has been furry comforting to read your nessages, though I was really disappointed no one sent Jack Bauer for me. Still, tonight I am curled on my regular chair next to the Human’s chair and I am feeling *almost* normal, I think. I ate more today than I have in awhile, so the Human thinks that’s a good dealio. You’re the best, sparky darling XOXOX

  3. Gosh Sparky, this same movie is Sparkle’s Sunday Catinee movie today–I feel SO COOL to have seen it before Sparkle posted it. That’s never happened before–YOU are the real cutting edge kitty now, Sparky! XOXOXOXOXO

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