and I’m off to join the circus now…kthxbye!

been nice knowing ya!  

akshully, we would not have to resort to these EXTREEMS if Mrs. Whatsername had noticed that the Acro Cat Circus came to Maryland this weekend and had taken me to the show to get a paw print or two – but no.  Again, she utterly and completely fails.  She mumbled something lame about picking up a kid from college.  You can clearly see where her misguided priorities lie.  So now we all get to read about it AFTER TEH FACT, which, I’m sorry, furriends, is simply unacceptable.  My favorite part of that article, btw, is this insightful observation:

“The circus cats “climb ladders, jump hoops, roll barrels, push shopping carts. Or sometimes lay on the floor, do nothing and groom inappropriately.… They’ll do things at their own pace.”

Yep. Sounds like it’s just the ticket for my unique skill set.   In teh meantimes, enjoy this little video and keep an eye out for my name in lights on a marquee near you soon! (cuz soon enuff the name will have to change to something more appropriate like “Sparky Spitfire’s Amazing AcroCats.”  Cuz, while their Human Trainer seems far more interesting than Mrs. W. could eva hope to be, I’m kinda thinking she’s expendable….)

11 thoughts on “and I’m off to join the circus now…kthxbye!

  1. Awwww Sparky I sympathize with mew. My staff is totally unreliable when it comes to booking visiting entertainment for me too. If mew can wait a few days for me to hitch a ride to mewz city, I will gladly join mew on a trip to follow the Acrocats bus to its next performance! I bet we can get lots of our kitty furiends to chip in and we could charter a private plane or bus for all of us. I use my staff’s credit card to shop online all the time, so I could make the arrangements! Poor Tuna went to the Rainbow Bridge some months back, but there are so many other talented kitties in the band! If we enjoy it enough maybe they will offer us jobs as roadies, I bet they get served supreme noms unlike the grain free, no salt crap my human staff tries to pass off to me as food. Mew think about it and let me know- in the mean time I’ll be practicing my Moonwalk. (I don’t play an instrument, but do dance a mean moonwalk!) MOL!

  2. WHAT!!! And our mom had to find out from your mom! That’s adding insult to injury! And where are they performing?? The Surf Club in Hyattsville?? Yikes!

  3. You know what? I think they was in San Francisco not too long ago and of COURSE I did not get to go either. I think Sparkle’s Mom went and blogged about maybe a year or so ago? I don’t think she took Sparkle, though, so no points for her either. It’s just another outrage, darling, and we should be used to them by now. Sigh.

  4. Have you been all busy learning the trapeze, my sweet? Or perhaps you’re attending Clown University?

  5. Tonight, tonight,
    My Sparky’s due night,
    And we’ll watch for that bright morning star.
    Tonight, tonight, I’ll see my darling tonight.
    And for us, Fancy Feast, Niptini bar!
    I’m waiting and I’m pacing
    The hours go so slowly,
    And still Sparky’s not in sight . . .
    Oh moon, grow bright,
    And make this endless day a Sparky night!

    You know the way. I’ll be expecting you on the stroke of midnight. Wear your silkiest furs XOXOXOXO

    • Holy Mackinole, Spitser…you is quite the Lothario…well, since you said it sooooooooo fancy and all (and a Niptini bar?! well…maybe just this once…) I’ll be over soon.

  6. Darling Sparky, I would never *dream* of piercing with my wicked claw any portion of your most delicate LadyCat self! Oh no! THAT pleasure I reserve for the Human offender.

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