tabby tiger beat

springtime and a young kitteh's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of lurveoh, hello.  i’m glad you’re here.  something weird is going on.  suddenly, i am filled wif some kind of static electricity that i can barely control. i’m all bouncy and giggly.  more girly than a ninja is supposed to be, let’s just say that.  it’s so embarrassing, especially for an Certified Action Cat like moi.  

and now that i has tasted teh fruits of Whirlwind Romances (fanks Spitty!) and said Romancer drove off in his Furrari and left me here all alones, I only have the interwebs to keep me company.  and so i found this:

i fink i’m in loves.

fanks Jumping Cat owner…um…do you speak English? Is there a fan-club? can i be president?

17 thoughts on “tabby tiger beat

  1. Yep, there’s something about the spring. Roy was trying to take a good picture of the dogwood tree yesterday and ended up on the roof. Before long Hercules was clambering up the tree to join him. Good pics of orange kitty in white dogwood and Roy and Herc on the roof.

    • oh,hey! that reminds me of another reason to loves my Jumping Cat! Wait there, ES, I gotta get this hopping heart-throb on a plane from Tokyo so I can “introduce” him to you.

  2. Wowzers! Sparky! If yous president of his fan club, can mes be Vice President?
    He is a furry pawsome jumper!

  3. OMC! Jeez, I don’t finks my Furrari can compete with that Boy. He don’t needs a Furrari. Sigh. I’m afraid I has lost my Sparky Spitfire to some Olympic gymnast who can jump way higher than my Human’s head. I’ll be over later so we can discuss it, ‘k?

    • Spitty! don’t be silly. i am not lost! I am right here. see? see me? anyways…NO one has luxurious furry furs like you, so RILLY, it’s Jumping Cat who has lost that competition. a distant second, you might say. also, teh Furrari jumped just fine over the White House fence, ‘member? that was impressive. so, if you wants to curl up in the back of the Furrari, let me know. that would make me purr my furry little head off. but until then, i gots to keep myself bizzy, ya know?

      • Oh darling Sparky, Fank Goodness I have not lost you to the Jumper. Impressive as he is, he doesn’t look awfully romantical. Why don’t you teleport westward and we can spend the night in the delishus buteery leather seat of the Furrari? I’ll be waiting!

  4. Holy Cat! That kitty is jumping up about 6 1/2 feet! Nothing is safe from him! A very impressive athlete. Most of us, ok, all of us, here would just wait until the mom handed it to us.

  5. OMC! Wow! When I was a tiny kitten, I could jump pretty high but my human never gave me such a challenge…
    Sigh. Now you will never be the president of MY fan club….

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog to leave get-well wishes for Milou. He is doing better now =^.^=


    • well, Mr. Texas, how high can you jump? on the dining room table? kitchen counter? refriginerator? christmassy tree? remember, there are lots of fings to practice on in the average ordinary human hostel, and it’s rewarding too, cuz there’s usually an exciting breaky-crashy sound whenever you reach your goal. so get at it my furry friend! and then take pix and send them to me and we’ll see about that fan club.

  6. Sparkilicious! Ok ok ok–I am a big brave ManCat and I did, I DID dead that fev-ver. In fact, now I have a new one the Human says though I have not yet begun to dead it. Perhaps you’d like to tunnel over and help me?? I bet together we could dead it in one session–ya think??

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