you can’t handle teh truth, human…

a verrah norty night-out:

Mrs. W. has made me issue a WARNING that this video is, once again, NOT Grated – (it’s not cheddar, woman, but WUTeva…) and such behavior is not approved or condoned by the members and staff at SparkySpitfire Internationale, blah, blah, blah, but enjoy it anyway.

fanks to Nelayme for posting this thought-provoking and informative vid.

21 thoughts on “you can’t handle teh truth, human…

  1. Sparky mew ROCK! I admire how mew handle mewz human and put them in their place- mew should write a book or teach courses on how to keep the upper paw with one’s human/staff/parent.
    As Queen of my house and family, I understand the importance of doing so and keep my human/Mom in line and never spare the paw when required. MOL!! Mewmew!

    • mewmew mew rock…uh, I mean you rock too, Ms. Phoebe. but that is not ME in the video, remembers. I has a bit more class than that, fank you verrah much. no setting hairs on fire or puking furballs on friends. No ma’am. and as for keeping Mrs. W. in line, well there’s really only so much you can do wif her. it’s kind of hopeless, really. like herding guinea pigs.

    • i think it would be interesting if we could see a Odin’s video but have to watch it wif an eye patch ova our eye – to get the Real Odin Evaday Experience. I would watch that! I say try it!

  2. I had some suspicions because they are sooo sleepy all the next day, but truly I did not suspect the whole truth. I guess knowledge is power, but I still do not quite know how to exert proper control over my cats. I’m glad I got them all “fixed.” Perhaps the next best thing is to provide a modest stipend and clean needles.

    • well, you raise some good points there, Miss kkincade. it may be best if you humans stopped the whole “house cat” pretense and realized that the best you’ll ever get with us is, maybe, “Halfway House” cats. We’d like to re-enter society, really we would. Someday. Just not today.

  3. I just hope there’s nip in that bong, and some Vine in the coke. I don’t know what the Humans are so surprised about–I mean that’s just an average Friday out for me and my Buds.
    I am looking forward to our trip this weekend–the repurrt should appear Sunday evening! XOXOXO

  4. Hi again darling! It;s like sinkronissity (or sumfing) that you was killing your Da Bird while I was deading my fev-ver!

  5. Hello Sweet One! You has not had a new post in a while. Maybe Mrs. Whifflefinger needs a little bitey to remind her?

    • oh, Hai, Spitty! well, yes, I was quite lonely and at a loss for whats-to-do’s after you and teh Furrari drove off, but i did find sumfing to keep me occupied. so i did a bloggie on that, but come back wif that red-hot machine of yours any time… *head-bonk*

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