Cherry Blossom Kitteh

Cherry Blossom NosticleKittehs!

It is times for a little history and cultures and poetry and what nots!

Cherry Blossom Season is here in WashingtonDC, with the 101 year-old gift from our friends, the Japanese, who gave us hundreds of Cherry Trees  so all Americans can enjoy the spectacular blossom time,  filling the air wif fluffy pink pollen clouds all the way from teh Tidal Basin to teh Washington Monument.  Which got me to thinking of another pair of of unlikely friends -the bee-too-tee-full and renowned Kitteh Geisha, Sakura Neko, and her poetry-slam rival, Hamu-san.

Neko-ko, sakura neko-koas she was called, was famous for her charm, wit, and her mad skillz in singing, dancing and poetry.  She would entertain big time Shogun and Samurai, sometimes bringing big Sumo wrestlers to tears wif her delicate and thought-provoking poetry.

such as this haiku in honor of the season:

white kitteh wif

cherry blossom nosticle;

Spring floats thru cat door

or this startlingly simple, yet evocative, poem:

Baff in Sun Puddle,

curl tight as a Cinnabun:

purr purr purr purr zzzz.

Now – not to be out done is another Poetry Legend of Teh Day, the great Hamu-san, Poet Hamsterate of the Imperial Court:

Despite her small size, Hamu was a spunky little fighter with a sharp tongue who used her mad satorizing skillz to knock the mighty down to size. A favorite poem of the day, often found scrawled on the walls outside the communal baff house and litter box:

Stupid Fleabag Cat,

claw stuck in rice paper door,

who’s the hunter now? 

Or this:

Nap the entire day,

the lazy moocher kitteh

dreams he’s a lion

The Kittehs of the Imperial Court were pretty incensed, but even they had to agree Hamu-san, sometimes, had a point.

One day, at the request of the Emperor, Neko-ko and Hamu were invited to a poetry and dance smack-down.  Hamu came prepared to please the Emperor, wif a little fan dance and a medley of Top Ten Noh Theater hits.  And of course, her scathing poetry:

Watch Neko-ko dance:

leaping, spinning – but really,

Fleas are biting her.

Neko-ko came only with a plate.  To the amazement of the Court, she put it on the floor, bowed to the Emperor and bowed to Hamu.  Then she unsheathed a single claw and sliced little Hamu into bite-size pieces, saying:

Imperial snack,

tasty treat for Son of Heaven,

Hamster Sashimi.

 then she handed it to the Emperor, who was well pleased and asked for wasabi.

So, there you go. A little bit of culture neva hurt anybuddy, right? Well, of course, other than Hamu-san. But she died for her art, so it’s all good.  Now, I leaves you wif a modern look at Kitteh Geishas in training.  I fink I would be good at that, don’t you?

thanks again to my friends, MaxAnd the Animals, where you can find these and other great vintage anthropomorphic prints at the Etsy Shop:

27 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Kitteh

  1. Uh, how did you find that old footage of me? It’s soooooooo humiliating! You notice I escaped from there after only four months. I still do my special Geisha Boy act for certain special ladycats. Interested?

    I loved the sad but triumphant tale of Hamu-san. I wish I had been there…I am feeling a little peckish at the mo’.

    • oh! is you the OTHER talented black love-muffin? you know…that don’t seem quite right, but if you say so. also, can you and Spitty both come here for a little “performance?” I’ll start selling tix, you start practicing.

  2. Oh see, now, look! Mr. Black is tryin’ to horn in and take credit for *MY* Geisha video! Sheesh. Is there no honor amongst felines? At long last, Mr. black, have you no shame???

  3. On behalf of my fellow rodents, I must protest! It’s quite obvious that this smackdown was rigged, and the entire feline audience just ate it up! I pick this cherry blossom for you, dear Hamu-san, in memory of your martyrdom! I think I might weep.

    • oh, ES, here, take this tissue and blow yer nose. it’s okay…you know, the audience DID not eat it up, the Emperor did. so, quite a noble death if yous ask me. and you can protest all you wants, but just as long it is in 5-7-5 pattern. go to town on it, my weepy rodenty frenenemy.

  4. Hello, Sparky my sweet darling! Well, just to keep efurry LadyCat on her best behavior, I had to arrange the Furrari rides in the order requested (last time the Furrari came out, there was some kitty-squabbling so I had to put it in its garage for awhile). It looks like you were request #3, so Glogirly’s Katie is next and then YOU! So go back in your house like a good girl, and Spitty will there before you even know it!

  5. Me has been remiss! Me has just discovered that me was following yous but the posts was not coming! Its all fixed now!
    LOVE you Haikus! And the pictures is stunning!
    Kisses and please forgives my inept assistant!

  6. We fink the repurrt of owr trip will be posted Sunday evening….maybe Caturday if the Human is less LAYZEE than usual, but prolly Sunday because she is pritty layzee. I can’t do a fing with her. Sigh.

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