per usual, a Verrah Bizzy Birfday

worth singing my whiskas

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.  Are you one of the roadies? or a guest? Cuz roadies need to go in the back entrance. Guests, I’m afraid, will just has to be patient and wait out front behind teh red velvet ropes.  Sorry. We still has a lot of set up to do for my birfday. 

But, since you’re here (and since you got past the Bouncer, who I’m gonna have to talk to ’bout that), why don’t you come wif me to the tree fort to see all the fun we have planned. Watch out for the Caterers.  They still have a lot of ice statues to set up.  Oh! Be careful.  You don’t want to trip over teh cat niptini fountain.  Ah, here we go.  The DJ’s have arrived. 

(Sounds good, but mebbe a little more bass? fanks guys)

freeze-dried mice - $69.


Okay, let’s see…we also has lots of good noms on hand.  My human sistah, Whozshe, just got back from NYC, where she picked up teh finest in treats at a fancy SoHo taxidermy shop (which, I fink, is French, for “Cat Deli”).   

what's fresh today at the cat deli?

would you like a bat wing? or a freeze-dried mousie?  Not cheap, that’s for sure, but we are a family of foodies, so we hate to skimp on teh finer fings in life.  Besides. It’s not evaday you turn 2.

Also, we have a great entertainment lineup.  I hate to spoil the surprise, but we were able to book a huge International A-lister. Let’s just say I was able to help him out of a jam wif teh INS.  

oh, look! there’s his limo now. omc, look at the size of his entourage! i better go.  Boy, a birfday is a lot work if you want it done right, but i also really want  this party to be special – a way to say FANKS to all my bloggie friends.  Looks like it will be another year o’ fun, thanks to you. 

Shout outs and Purrs to all my Furry Friends,

Sparky Spitfire

 FANKS! to DJ Larson for the scratching kitten vid and to Studio Vaayuu for teh Basket Kitteh Gagnam! 

22 thoughts on “per usual, a Verrah Bizzy Birfday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARKY! I am new to discovering mewz blog and am so glad I did, cuz mew are my kind of ladycat! I loves a ladycat who speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to put humans/minions in their place. It’s a hard job, not all ladycats are up to it, but I’m like mew and am always ready and willing. MOL!
    Two years old is a great age, mew have many years ahead of mew to rule the world! I turn thirteen this year myself, and plan on many more to keep my subjects and staff in order. It’s a wonder they survived before I adopted rhem, I’m sure it’s the same in mewz family. Can mew imagine how they all functioned before we arrived?! *shudders, then snickers at thought* Here’s to wishing a beautiful, smart, and sassy ladycat a wonderful, CATabulous birthday filled with lots of yummy noms, prezzies, fun, and loves!! Mewmew!

    • hey there, Miz Pheebie Pheebs! Welcome and stay a while. so glad you can come. also nice to have an old-timer, um, I mean, Wise Elder to keep my sisfur Suzie (also 13) company. You can find her upstairs UTB. don’t make any sudden movements or loud noises, tho, if you don’t want to give her a heart attack. akshully, don’t talk to her at all may be best. in fact, just stay here wif us and I’ll tell her you said hi. fanks for coming!

  2. Well! First, I have nefur seen such an appetizing display of treats at any pawty I have ever attended! Mmmmmmm, they all looks delishus! And the Niptini fountain? Well, it’s just the best EVER!

    I have to say I enjoyed the Gangnam Style movie sooooo much more than the original pony-guy silliness. These kitties really do justice to the tune, especially the white one who yawns widely about 3/4 of the way through. I think you should just let INS (actually, ICE now–you gotta keep up, Sparky) have him, MOL!

    And the norty ornj kittehs are the best! I love the one on the left that finally finally gets all the way up there for a ride 😉

    And Happy Birfday to you Sparky–you’re only 2?? Why I had better watch my manners–you’re still jailbait to this 8.5-year-old! Woot! I’m tired now–is there somewhere I could take a nap?

    • oh Spittimus, I saved teh last rave for YOU. and I got special glo stix shaped just like your beloved wormy toy – how cool is that? so take a quick nappie but be ready at free o’clocky, cuz the after after after after paw-tah will just be getting started.

      • Uh-oh. I hope I dint seepeez right thru that after after after after pawty, sweet Sparky. I am sooooooo embarrassed! But us Older Men needs our naptiems. Now, where’s that glostick?

  3. P.S. Fanks for the offur to take down the little whippersnapper, but as you will see if you drops by later, I has biggur fings to worries about. You would not BELEEBE what almost happened to me! The Human went a lil crayzee (well, a little more than usual, I mean).

  4. Woo! Woo!
    Me has come to sings yous the birthday Song! iT is so cool that yous has the same birthday as Cody!
    Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*
    ¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Sparky Spitfire!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  5. Happy Birfday Sparky! What a great party and we love your videos. You always have the bestest photos and videos and stuff. We hope you had a great day!

  6. I’m fashionably late to the party, but I hope you had a happy birfday. And I’m only saying that because I didn’t see any of my kin in that catering order there…. how unappetizing!

    • well, i did reserve a special plate…uh, seat! Seat! of course, I mean seat – just for you, my verrah special rodenty guest…so if you don’t mind climbing up here onto this Kenmore 6-burner stainless steel…um…loveseat, and make yerself comfy. I’m keeping it warm, jest for YOU.

  7. Sparky, You look like you gotted your nosicle just a leetle close to your birfday candles….You don’t want to live up to your name tooooo much!

    • (Mrs. W here, Spitty…must admit…there were some singed eyebrow whiskers, for which i am feeling a bit guilty…pls. don’t tell the Sparksalot. I don’t think my couch can handle much more pay-back).

  8. Heh heh, Mrs. W. Your sekritz is always safe with Spittola.

    Sparky, my dearest darling girl! Today’s comment was just about the bestest po-em I EVER readed. “And this gives fluff to thee” is the best line of all! I love my sunshine, I love my window, I love my brushies, and I loves you too! You is a regular Elizaspark Barcat Meowing! XOXOXOXO

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