the too quiet backyard

IMG_2704it is wif a heavy heart that i tell you the loss of my friend and neighbor, Longfellow, aka, Mr. Yappy.

yes, yes, he was really a “frenemy,” but I like to think we both enjoyed our little game.  he got to bark himself into a pretzel and i got to pretend i had no earfly idea what was going one.  i like to think that thoughts of killing me were the highlight of his day.  I hope so. 

The backyard is quiet today.  i have to say, i don’t like it that way.

i’m sorry, Longfellow. i never meant to tease you. well. yes. I guess I did. but only a little.  i wish we could have one more dash along the fence line and one more yaptastic session of barkosity.  you did that better than any dog.

purrs until we meet again.  your friend,

sparky spitfire  Our friend, Longfellow

19 thoughts on “the too quiet backyard

  1. I am sure Mr. Yappy is barking happily with all his new furiends at the Bridge. Gosh, this has been a sad week, Sparky. I hope spring brings happiness and hope to all kitties and woofies. XOXOXOX

    P.S. Sparky, will you explain to me about your Sisfur? I see her picture on the sidebar, but I dunno–does she still live with you???

    • *strangled sob*
      well, Spitty, Mrs. W here. Sparky can’t bring herself to speak of it, but we truly are grateful you noticed our darling dear Smokey Spitfire. We miss her oh so much. She was hit by a car about this time last year. Smokey was the yin to Sparky’s yang; a shy, easy going airhead who loved tummy rubs. they were the best team of trouble makers i have ever seen. we sometimes see Sparky chase her tail on the grave we made for her in the garden, so we hope, in some way, she’s still with us. Thanks for noticing.

      • Oh, we sends you so much love and sympathy for the loss of your sweet girlcat sisfur. I wish I had known her!

        But you know? I will bet she’s taken over your role of Official Teaser to Mr. Yappy at the Bridge. After all, I like to think that many of our favorite earthly activities continue on the Other Side, and if Smokey Spitfire was your partner in Mischief, I am sure she’ll be glad to torment Mr. Yappy for you!

        Thanks for sharing her story. XOXOXO

  2. We are so sorry to see The Yapmeister has left the yard. With any luck, his owners will miss him so much, they will find a loud replacement poochie soon for you to delight and torment.

    And we are sorry to read your comment about your sister. We too wondered. Its bad enough to lose a kitty when you know what is coming, but its beyond words when it happens out of the blue. We too had a kitty who was hit by a car when we lived in Takoma Park but he was lucky and survived. Our deepest condolences and sincerest purrs on your losses.

  3. Sparky!! Where R U my wicked girlfriend? It’s been days and days and days since Spitty’s had his Sparky-fix! Yooooo-hooooooo!

  4. Party prep? What party prep? Whose party? What kind of party? Is it a party for the Kitty, or some stoopy Human thing?

  5. Oh. My. Cod. WHERE do these humans learn this stuff? When I was Young stories, what I used to Do stories, when I lived in Takoma Park stories, back in the 80s stories. Its enough to make you claw furniture!

    Our mom thinks Morrissey is still very hot! And she is a chorus regarding “what a shame about his orientation” (he probably doesn’t agree). Here’s a video she likes cause he’s still hot:

    And although no one can do How Soon Is Now like him, here’s a version by Richard Bulter (Psychedelic Furs, Love Spit Love). A minus cause its just a graphic & doesn’t feature the band. Note she is too lazy to find one with the band:

    Then The Girl came up with this version (she grew up with the mom’s music and its amazing she is NORMAL):

  6. Sparky, I **is** full of delishusness just for you but I am having trouble posting tonight….I hope this works! The other three didn’t 😦

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