inappropriate? who? me?

Kittehs! it’s Friday and all, so i went on Youtubey to get a jump on Caturday.  Mrs. W, I’ll have you know, was no help.  She kept saying “no. no. nope. not appropriate.” went on and on about how I was not being “family friendly” or “Grated.”  

Jeeze. What IS that woman’s problem? I mean, for all I know these Kittehs ARE my family. And, of course, I am always friendly.  36 FB friends can’t be wrong.  But, I will state, for teh record, that I am NOT and I have NEVA been Grated.  I am not a cheese, for heaven sakes.

anyway, teh lady in the song asks to see some lovely kittehs.  she gets her wish.  i bet you wanna see some kittehs too, right? Well, okay then. Wif out further ado:

fanks! to Mikkii Sanderson for posting the video and also to teh Lords of Acid for the, um, song.

10 thoughts on “inappropriate? who? me?

  1. My human right now needed to see more kitties than we three could handle so she was happy. She burst out laughing when the song began too… but said she was not sure the lady meant what you think she meant.
    Any clue what my human is talking about?

  2. Oh my!!! The Lords of Acid are kind of a running joke with me and one of my co-workers (Yes, us squirrels sometimes work for our nuts)… I had no idea they were this cool though!!! This video is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! You win…. I am not worthy!

  3. SS, The Lord Chancellor and I have decided that, while it is unusual for a LadyCat to be invested as a Knight of the Realm, it is time the Monarchy entered the 21st century (and it will be good practice for my soon-to-be additional post of Pope. Lady Cardinals can only be beneficial!). It may take a few weeks to organize the ceremony, but you can go ahead and start shopping for an appropriate outfit.

  4. Hee, hee! Our mom fell over from cuteness overload! Now who is gonna shovel that snow? We were really looking forward to chillaxing all warm & toasty while watching her huffing away.

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