this is how it’s done, kitches…

Kittehs! It’s time for the Friday Felines of the Force lesson!

first, something easy.

Now, for advanced students: 

I am studying now.  Gonna float those moles right outta ground.  The rest of you, good lucks.  And remember:

“Do or Do Not. There is no Try.”

-Professor Yoda

(fanks to AllHailHypnoT0ad and FinalCutKing for the great videos!)

8 thoughts on “this is how it’s done, kitches…

    • agreed. but DAYUM! Black and white kitteh was on it! I loved teh double paw face swipe. Excellent moves.
      also, goggie was wagging tail and looking at camera mans with that, dorky ‘should i do this?!’ look on his face and since there were two dog and they really REALLY could have ripped our black and white hero to shreds if they were true mongrel dogs, then I am guessing the owner or someone else off camera was keeping a lid on the situation. not a real secure lid, maybe, but still. coulda been worse.

  1. Gotta say I agree with Andrea! That kitty SEEMED able to take care of itself but I do not trust that woofie at ALL!!! I loved the movies–I would very much like to be able to use the Force as well as that kitten in Movie #2. I think my Human would behave much better if I could do that strangulation dealio.

    • woofies are not trustworthy, but also not as scary as they would like you to believe (well, most anyways). Exhibit A: the Yaptastic dog next door. When I get my Force perfected, popping off his head is gonna get a bunch more efficient. just you wait.

    • Huh. is there anything to click on at all? these are videos, not pix. does your computer have a hard time downloading videos on other websites? sorry, Mrs. W. is simply does not have teh computer smarts to solve this one. You COULD go to youtube and search for “lightsaber cat dog fight” and then “Jedi Kitten with the Force” – if all else fails. Sorry ’bout that!

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