an unscheduled little get away

chewy!Oh. Hello.  I didn’t see you there.  I am busy munching on this chewy little snacky-poo that raced right out the front door and (honest to Cod!), ran, straight into my little mouth!  Funny, huh? Now if that isn’t a Welcome Home treat, I don’t know what is. a relaxing mouse chew

So, yes, where was i? such a good question.  i was kind of hoping you knew and could tell me. all i remember is waking up wif all my new black and white friends, who kept me warm while we surfed on an ice flow for a good long time.  from the website 

see me in teh middle there? no? well, i was. i was probably bending down to snack on another fishie.  great guys, all of them. very generous wif teh fishes. very blubbery. 

then, as luck would have it, i was able to hop aboard a passing GreenPeace ship, Esperanza.  they were quite nice, as far as humans go, but when i asked, repeatedly, why we were just following the whale, but not bothering to EAT the whale, they suggested i would have more fun on another ship, which was lucky, cuz I now has all these great new Navy Seal friends and so after we took care of those Somali pirates and after tidying up a cave or two in Afghanistan, they dropped me off in the Chesapeake Bay and here I am. 

So. what did i miss?

16 thoughts on “an unscheduled little get away

    • sleep? why is eva one asking about my sleeping habits? yes, i did take a nap or two in teh penguin pile and yes, teh Greenpeace sailors had a lovely pile of organic cotton “Whale Power” tee shirts for me to curl up on for a little mid-day siesta, but no. I was not napping. Navy Seals like me do not nap, fank you very much.

    • well, he did squeak something along the lines of “curse you, Mr. Bl-” but then I munched his head and there wasn’t much left to say. As for DREAMING – go ask the Somali Pirate if the scratch on his nose is a dream or not. I’m STILL picking ice out from between my little paw pads. Dream. Ha.

  1. I think you might’ve been in Patagonia the whole time, and only imagined the pirates and the caves. Yeah, I don’t get why anybody would chase a whale and not have a year’s worth of good snacking unless you was Captain Ahab or something–just think! A Human with a built-in scratching post!

  2. Zero Dark Kitteh! I Likes That! And I AMYou’ll have to be extra careful around the General, being a girl-cat and all, but I can handle him for you. Now THIS is the kind of movie *I* would like to see! (You know, I was horrifically underpaid for my cameo. Sigh. A couple sardines just didn’t cut it.)

    • oh, I’ll interest you, you evil squirrel. just you wait…hey. that doesn’t sound right, does it? I’ll get you interesting! no that doesn’t work…I’ll ‘aw man’ you, you interesting squirrel…no…oh, just forget about it.

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!! You win the Innernets, my furiend! Your continuation of the Oz song is PAWSOME!!! I hope you don’t mind I copied it to my post so nobuddy misses it!

  4. We gived you a little awardie! Come see ! Though after you winned the whole Innernets, we guess you don’t even need an awardie 😉

  5. We hope you got a little crabbing in while you were at the bay, even if it is off season – who is going to yell at a kitty? Thanks for visiting us while the mom was sick. Talk about missing things! We were in isolation. Happy New Year!

    Pee s we liked your verses at Spitty’s

    • teh crabbies was seriously crabby this year. i get kind of tired to using my tail as bait, so i’ll let the experts on Smith Island do teh work for me. did you all need some Maryland Crab Chowder to feel better? i can hook you up.

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