A New Era!

Ah! Breathe deep, Cat Bloggers! That wonderful smell is the dawning of a Sparky-free Era – thanks to me, Godfrey Goodmouse and the well-oiled machine that is Anonymouse.  It was I who spiked her toy mousie with Ambien! It was I who thought ahead and purchased Delivery Confirmation on a Sparky Care Package for the Antarctic researchers of Vostock station and while some may scoff (looking at you, Mr. Black), this is how I now know that the vile Murderess has in fact, been delivered – safe and sound and probably doing her imitation of an ice cube.

hoo-boy! excuse me while I roll on the ground here and laugh myself sick.  hoo! ha! hahahahahahahahahah.  tee-hee hee.  ahem.

okay! I’m off to take a victory lap around the house before I return to the burrow for my hero’s welcome.  In the meantime, here is just a reminder that we at Anonymouse are just getting started.  The world, sadly, appears to be filled with Sparky Spitfires.  But we are ready for them.  Here, then – a cautionary tale to start your new year –

2 thoughts on “A New Era!

  1. That was a very well done video. Great acting by the cat.

    Hey Anymouse (yeah, that’s right, I spelled it that way deliberately), I know what kind of scam you’re pulling. Sparky is on vacation and you’ve taken over the blog temporarily. Have your fun while you can, cheesebreath.

  2. Yo, Moose! Uh, mouse! Wut-ebber. I see you, yes I do, up there, staring out the window of the Ecuadorian Embassy, wishing you hadn’t messed wif the Wrong Feline. Heh heh.

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