"caution - contents are not meowing. No."

“caution – contents are not meowing. No.”

Will Our Heroine soon be hunting frozen mICE in the South Pole? Will she wake up from her spiked cat-toy in time to chew herself out of her box only to find herself trapped in a Tierra del Fuega postal substation? Or will she be returned, safe, sound and marked insufficient postage?  Will Mrs. W never get out of bed and put a stop to this? 

The answer to these terrifying riddles and general USPS trivia will be revealed…

Same Cat Time

Same Cat Channel.

6 thoughts on “meanwhile…

  1. Another mouse fantasy. Another staged mouse non-event. Putting a feather duster in a box and passing it off as a lovely cat’s tail? Humph! And only a mouse would think Delivery Confirmation is available in Antarctica.

  2. Sheesh. The Human gets preoccupied with “her own life” (pish-tosh! As if she has one!!) for a couple of days and all he** breaks out over here. My widdle heddy is swmming–wait–I’ve been playing with my Nippy Candy Cane…I…………………………

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