Caturday Matinee

Kittehs! Today I have a very special story for you all…hey.  wait.  sniff. sniff. do it smell…kinda…rodent-y around here? like the computer monitor has tiny paws prints and…sniff..sniff…what the what? Is this mouse poop on teh keyboard?!

Okay, I’ll take care of this later, but for today we have a story of heroics and bravery and

wait. who put this here?

String! X-Rated String Gone Wild!!!

ew. do NOT click on that, whatever you do.  ugh. spam.  

okay.  it seems i have a few technical issues to deal with wif today, but while i work on that, i shall leave you wif a video montage celebration of Indominable Cat Will.  Enjoy!

no! wait – that’s not the vid…WTW?!?

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