not a creature is stirring, but me.

Free Goodmousepsssssst! hey! hey!  listen up cat bloggers! it is i! your worst nightmare – Godfrey Goodmouse – mounting a CYBER COUP of the Horrid Fur Fiend – that Stripy Serpent with the Orange Juice Splotch on her fat face – Sparky Spitfire – Ruthless Muncher of my many family members.  it was i who escaped her sloppy paws by dashing under the piano where i have hidden for days, waiting for her insistent pink little nose to get bored and move elsewhere.  

i survived on the few petrified cheerios that i could find under the piano, but as soon as Christmas came and the family opened the cat nip gifts – i knew it was my chance.  while the she-devil swooned and pranced, i took off for the basement where i sought shelter from the kindly, if not a little single-minded, guinea pig.  he shared his lettuce with me and filled me with stories, mostly about lettuce, but many, many stories of the Orange Outrage’s many misdeeds; how she taunts him with dagger-like claws, or pretends to “wash him” but is actually tasting him – oh! the injustices he has endured at her evil paw!  i asked the pig to join my crusade, but, his spirit already crushed, said merely ‘meh.’  sweet shelter

thanks to the lettuce, i grew strong again – strong enough to climb the stairs anew and wage war against this murderess.  MY FAMILY WILL BE AVENGED.  The heartless death of my deermouse cousins and the millions of velvety blind moles, the untold numbers of cicada crunchings –  ALL shall be avenged. 

stay tuned.

(oh, this is so exciting!  if only my cousins back at the burrow had wifi…stay tuned! hee hee!!!)

4 thoughts on “not a creature is stirring, but me.

  1. Yeah, okay mousebreath. I think you’re going to need more than big talk and a little stick.

    I’m looking forward to your next post. I’ve got some delicious mouse jerky to chew on while I chuckle at your ramblings.

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