checking my list, checking it twice…

sparkys_giftsoh, hello.  didn’t see you there.  i am once again busy, searching high and low for a very special Christmas gift that seems to have run off.  I was shopping, see, and a few days ago i came home wif, really, the PERFECT gift for the whole family.  just the right size.  fun for all ages.  conveniently dead.  see how it rounds out my collection of fake mousies?  i was so very proud of it and you WOULD THINK my holiday gifting would bring great joy.

but no.   Mrs. Whatsername, so-called animal lover, threw it out.  this is the kind of heartless monster i lives wif everyday.

but, being a creature of endless generosity as i is, and filled, as always, to the furry brim wif Holiday Spirit, i tried again.  Last night I went shopping again and this time, in order to get thru her very thick skull that this it THE must-have christmas gift of teh year, i brought her a real live mousie.  so pretty! so crawly! so delightfully squeaky! but somehow, wif all teh yelling and slamming of doors, i kind of dropped it.  

and gee! can it run fast! teh little guy was behind the upright grand piano in no times, which was clever of him, as i can’t get back there and these lazy humans refuse to lift it out of teh way for me….but it appears he may also have high-tailed it into Whozhe’s bedroom, another good place as it very easy to hide under all those empty doritos bags.  so i kind been running back and forth between those two places all day.  but i has to admit to getting a little tired.  glad you’re here, tho.  can you keep an eye peeled for me? i need a break.  gonna go outside for a bit.  maybe go do a little more shopping.  

the holiday spirit, you knows, just keeps giving.

17 thoughts on “checking my list, checking it twice…

  1. A real live screamy mousie? Shoot, you have all the luck! Our building was built in 1907–you’d think we’s have some mousies, but I guess they are all at your house. Sigh.

  2. That dead one looks like a deer mouse. I have hundreds of deer mouse tails nailed to my trophy wall. You did a fine job on that one as he looks like he is sleeping. Which causes the humans to have doubts whether it is truly and absolutely dead. Hee, hee!

    I hope you find that sneaky survivor soon. But, be careful! They’re small but they can put a bitey on you!

  3. Sparky, what a thoughtful and generous gift! Too bad your persons don’t appreciate the finer things in life. Carl once caught 4 mices in 20 minutes. The mom at first thought he was pulling them out of the trash, but no, they were new ones. But unlike you, he proudly carried his around til the mom made him drop them. That was a rather noisy time too.

  4. I hope you had a warm and cozy Christmas! My Human came home today after a couple days away. I was so glad to see her, I’ve decided to firgive her, but it would’ve been nice if she’s brought me a mouse or sumfing. Sigh.

    • King Spitty! Merry Merry to you too! i would have been on the interwebs sooner but Mr. and Mrs. W. have been incredibly lazy lately, staying in bed, blowing their noses and begging the little one to bring them tea and cough drops. It’s disgusting, really, but if I was the kind of kitteh who curled up on humans (shudder!), now would probably be a good time, as they are both about as warm and toasty as a human should be, but still, I can’t bring myself to do it. BUT I did get a few good presents and that’s all that really matters. hope you did too, but really, the lack of a mousie? unforgivable.

      • You know, I feel a certain sense of deja vu here. I feel like I have just read this same post….why, yes! You should speak to Katie at Glogirly. BOTH of her humans are down for the count and, WORSE, they recently brought home a little orange Hellion who thinks he can HUMP Katie while she’s eating her dinner. Just another outrage in a world filled with them!

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