ISO – girl cat. fussy and sane kittehs need not apply.

taffy arranges flowers

Kittehs! We interrupt our story-telling and mystery-solving and mole-munching activities to ask for a favor from the vast cat-blogging empire.  From teh Ladies, ackshully.  Girlcats, can someone do me a solid and help out my brofur? he needs a girl friend. bad.

those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember my brofur Taffy, the one who mysteriously distapeered and upset eva one wif months o’ worry and grief, then just moseyed back home, la-dee-dah, wif no answers or excuses.  

Taffy drives the Park Florist delivery van.

now i KNOW i has not painted the best picture of this layabout cat or his overall butt-headed demeanor, but he DOES have a job.  he works at teh florist.

he guards teh store at night from mice who love to chew into boxes of chawklate.  he drives in teh delivery truck. he (re)arranges flowers. i get the impression that flowers and chawklate are somehow romantic to humans, so maybe he knows sumthin about teh mysteries o’ love.  you can’t say that about teh average mancat today.

taffy and his boutonnierehe has a milk moustache, which is cute, right? and he lets teh ladies at the shop humiliate him wif ribbons and kitteh boutonnieres and nonsense like that,so i am finking he has potential to be putty in teh paw of a good lady cat. mr. fancy pants

 also, despite his tough guy ‘tude, he really is needy.  he climbs in evaone’s lap at teh computer and slobbers and starts sucking on shirt sleeves.  Cod help the human wearin’ a fleece jacket – he’s all over that like a big baby kitten.  

so, if there is a kinda desperate girlcat out there wif no common sense and possibly not so good vision and a tolerance for bitey’s and slobber, please leave a message below.  starting off slow wif a bit of email courtship may be just teh fing he needs.  he just don know it yet.  


taffy standing by to take yer calls

17 thoughts on “ISO – girl cat. fussy and sane kittehs need not apply.

    • teh fling fing…that’s really kind of hard to say free times fast. so i won’t…as to intentions, well…you got me there. i can only say wif conviction that he has no intention learning better litter box habits. otherwise, i fink he intends to be left alone, to pursue manly habits, such as washing his butt in teh display window. so you can see how much he needs teh guidance of a strong, yet feminine paw. do you know some one?!?!

  1. Hoo boy! Nope, can’t help you. Plus, I would not be the one to encourage a LadyCat in any direction but toward me. Sorry, Honey, no can do.

    • that’s too bad, Yer Honor, cuz i know Taf would appreciate teh wisdom of your worldly savoir faires wif teh Ladycats. sure you can’t leave him some o’ teh slow-moving girls who can’t quite get all teh across teh werld to join yer ever expanding harem? is a big country, you know…

    • perish teh thought! call me old-fashioned and all but no, Mr. Evil, squirrels and kittehs shall neva, neva be friends, let alone share space in little black books. Neva!
      (but i will give you a call if all else fails. which it could).

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! 5-inch Manolos?? ONE-inch Manolos? 4-inch Jimmy Choos??? It is to laugh! My Human did the fancy sexy shoe routine in her 20s and 30s and even 40s….but those days are GONE now!! She’s 62 these days and comfort has won its final vistory over ANY kind of style! Heh heh. Plus, her feets has widened and so has she 😉

  3. Well, I really don’t understand why the ladycats are not lining up at the door to meet Taffy. He is quite a handsome cat and he has a job. And, I don’t see how cleaning his butt in the front window would be anything but attractive to the female felines. Perhaps he needs his own FB page?

  4. Taffy’s darned cute, I’ll bet he doesn’t wait long. Our brother Giuseppe Basil Verdi has a girlfriend, this chickie cat in Kingston Ontario way up in hockey land who saw his picture on the internet and was pardon-me-smitten (faking fainting) and she has some long name like Millie Flower Diamond, she’s like some French-Canadian babe——–You ignorant louts, don’t you talk about my precious gem Mlle. like that! Her name is Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite and she is mature and dignified and she loves it when I sing arias to her.

    (Are you sure you want Taffy to have a girlfriend?)

    Those are counter-tenor arias for castrati, Giuseppe didn’t mention that.

  5. We have a mean kitty, but she has a boy friend (go figure). Oui Oui is really fussy but Mica Minnie Moo might quality. She’s skittish and a little nuts, having removed her eyebrows and some butt furrs.

    • oh! good to know Oui Oui! Send Mic Minni Moo Moo over! being a little nuts is big plus. but i worry that teh butt fur issue may get worse. mebbe they should take it slows. show Mica his picture verra verra slowly and see if furs start to shed. if no, then I say we should go for it!

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