Nip is very inspirationals

see what I means? 

well, I am very happy to announce that I has won a very pretteh, very inspirational award.  My good buddy, Carl, at Twinkletoe Tails finks I am inspirational and so he gave me a prize. Prol’ly for being very Pretteh too, but no one mentioned that. It goes wifout sayin, of course.  

Here is my Bring on The Nip! Award 

Dang.  Is it not great? I am honored. Akshully, there may be a bit of confusination about the award – is it most insprirational? sumthing to celebrate? the intelligence on this is spotty, BUT no buddy is about to quibble over a  pile of delishious cat nip toys. it’s a celebration of inspiration. yeah. that’s it.  

Now, after a good roll in the cat nip plant on teh deck or a good fight to teh deaths wif my catnip carrot, I often find I gets quite inspired.

In fact, I get so much twitchy inspiration that it pops and sizzles out of my whiskers and interrupts the Tivo signal wif static electric cat-charged energy.  then evabuddy pretty much agrees its time for me to go outside. And outside is worth celebrating as the leaves is off the trees and it is much easier to find teh squirrels.  curse you, evil squirrels! you won’t get away that easily…

Anywho, let’s not forget that I was just Knighted, or Lady-ship-ed, (Knight-ette-ed?) for my works clearing Buckingham Palace of teh Zombie Squirrels, so if that isn’t a reason to celebrate, I dunno what is.

So, fanks, Carlie, for the award and let’s now all lift our nip to teh following kittehs who deserves a good roll around a potted plant.  Here then, let’s Bring on The Nip for:

teh handsome Mr. Black, of The Kittini Boys

Mousie of Louche Tabby

Skootchie of Cattywumpus

and to teh baddest of all bad cats, who mebbe could stand to lay off teh nip, but still, who can deny her? –  teh lovely, Kitty Drunk Drunk of Smell My Paw


14 thoughts on “Nip is very inspirationals

  1. Hey, thanks! Now, to be honest, I don’t have any interest in catnip. I’m one of the few cats that doesn’t react to it. But, I’m going to accept this award on behalf of the lady, who has quite a stash of the organic stuff. She has made toys for different people, some for the local cat shelter, etc. So, this award is right up her alley.

    P.S. LOVE your carrot catnip toy. Esthetically speaking of course (see above).

    • well, yer Majesty, I would have to say that perhaps your refined taste buds just can’t be bothered with nippy nonsense. oh well. more for us. but you is worth celebrating, so there ya go.

  2. I am so glad you loved your award! We were wondering why the TV reception was bad around here, now we know! Lucky you weren’t photobombed by that nutty squierrel when you were up in that tree. Your dude pal, Carl

  3. The Human is having SUCH trouble with WordPress Blogs! We does haz an account and it used to work, but we could have SWORN we left a comment here yesterday? Sigh. We really has the dumb. We keep logging in and it seems like the comments aren’t saving but when we re-do them it gets all snarky and tells us we are making “duplicate” comments and so we think we should just go have some catnip and martinis and drown our sorrows.

    • you did look like you had teh bummed-outs in yesterday’s “I’m in bed, leave me alones” photos. now we knows why. is teh blogging sites, not you guys, that has the dumbs. Blogger won’t let me add a picshure for some reason. i fink it is scared of me. wif good reason, of course. take heart, yer Majesty but lay off teh martinis. is not so tragical afterall…

  4. Hey my furiend, I think I mighta figured it out. We’ll see if this “takes.”

    I like the Nip on occasion, but my real drug of choice is the Silvervine. Woo-hoo. What a high.

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