Retirement Plan

Hello Cat Fans and Bloggers, Mrs. W. here.  I’m ignoring Sparky’s inane ramblings about her so-called ‘life of adventure,’ to indulge in a bit of darling kitteh and grandma porn.  Miyoko Ihara took 15 years worth of pictures of her Grandmother with her Bestie, the odd-eyed cat named Fukumaru and then compiled them in the book; Misao The Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.  Now we all can reap the health benefits of their mutual adorableness.

This, my fellow catoholics, is a slice of what our golden age retirement years could look like.  Well, I say, it COULD happen, for those of you lucky enough to have cats willing to be seen in public with you.  I may have to find another kitten in order to make this happen anytime in my life time, but it’s a good goal (and, fyi, Miss Sparky, it is not an idle threat…I can make this happen so fast it’ll make your head spin if I get any more lip outta you…).

Anyway, Dear Ailurophiles, click on the link below to find Buzzfeed’s gallery of the cutest damn Kitteh and Grandma pictures EVA.  You will squee, I promise. I know you will.

Misa and Fukumaru

4 thoughts on “Retirement Plan

  1. jeeze. sumbuddy woke up on teh wrong side of teh bed, I guess. I don’t has no lips…
    wait. what? an AWARD? Oui Oui! for me?! REALLY? Great! that’ll show Mrs. W. she can’t get sassy wif me! Fanks!

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