nice try, Hans.

Kittehs! here is a cautionary tale.  gather round yer teenage girl humans and get them to pay heed (how to get them to pay heed is yer problem, but  this is a very important Public Service Announcement for Comely Frauleins Everywhere!).  Muschi, der Deutchlander kitteh, is abouts to save teh day. 

Hans: Fraulein! Ich Liebe dich! 

Gretel: oh Hans! is it true? do you really?

Hans: Ja! Ja! would I lie to my little Spatzchen? Come, Liebling, let’s make a picnic with your wonderful schnitzel and go discuss our love behind the hay stacks.  leave the cat.  mein Hund, Fritz, will protect her.

Muschi (whispering in her ear): not so fast, mein mådchen.  i just saw him throwing back a stein in the biergarten wif teh burgermeister’s daughter.  smell his breathes. foooeey! that’s a whole lotta Heinken! it’s not even lunch time!  also, Fritz there? he just ate the coo-coo from the clock and barfed it up in the umbrella stand. I fink you knows what you needs to do.

Gretel (closing the door on Hans and Fritz): oh, Muschi, what would I ever do without you?  

Muschi: don know. but bring me teh schnitzel and mebbe you won’t have to find out.

thanks! to Jan Willemsen and his excellent collection of vintage post cards and photos on Flickr

4 thoughts on “nice try, Hans.

  1. Ach! Duetsch! Mein vaters parents spoke it in their haus. And imagine going to Kirche where the sermons were all in German too. Frauleins, don’t trust those junge manner und hunde.

  2. ja, ja, fraulEINs. fanks for teh spell check. Mrs. W. speaks french (or so she claims), so she gets confused sometimes. and yer right – teh mans and teh hunde is not trustworthy. both is too slobbery. no girl is safe.

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