Some Mole-lateral Damage…

…can not be avoided…

Kittehs! Your Backyard needs you!

This is no time to be distracted by zombie squirrels. We must focus kittehs! FOCUS.

Luckily, we just received intel from my good friend, Garfunkel, a brave ginger mouser who dragged this evidence to his human’s back porch.  Clearly,a fiendish mole invasion is underway, complete wif an elaborate and fortified system of underground tunnels, shored up with sticks, see? see? Tunnels criss-crossing the back yard until they works their way into the pipes so they can invade the house through the basement laundry sink.  Like I’ve been saying for years.  

I knew it was only a matter of times. But this is just the break we needed. Bravo, Comrade Garfunkel.

now GO Kittehs! Attack! now is not to reason why, now is but to do and…hey. what? wait. why are you curling up on teh sofa? what…a nap? NO! no napping! getupgetupgetupgetup…ah jeeze.  for teh love of Cod…guess i’ll haf to save teh world again by myselfs. 

10 thoughts on “Some Mole-lateral Damage…

  1. We’s not allowed to go outside to fight these dangerous creatures, but they look awfully scary. So, we’re counting on you Sparky to fight the good fight for us all!

  2. well, just be sure to keep a look out for me out yer windows. i’ll be slinking thru yer backyard soon enuff, i bet. or betta yet, keep watch in teh laundry room. you neva know when teh blind little fiends will start to swarm inside teh house and den it’ll be up to YOU GUYS to put a stop to it. Courage, comrades.

  3. I love your blog! What a breath of fresh air for this Squirrel Girl/Cat Lover/Piggie Person/animal freak/Anglophile!!!! Cheers. 🙂

    • and we loves teh SG/CL/PP/A-A Freaks!wut would teh internets be wifout dem? btw, there has to be a betta name for all that, like SquirrKitBritPigophiles. sumthin’. you work on that, k? and stop by anytimes.

  4. We thinks the silly little gray things finally learned not to enter the house with all the cats, or we finally took all the ones with poor judgement out of the gene pool. Anyway, it’s not as much fun around here now.

  5. I am not ‘llowed outside (we live smack-dab in the middle of a big city with no yard front or back, just sidewalks and cement, so there’s not so much to kill out there). Well, there are pigeons that do look kinda tasty, but the Human says “No Spitty” everytime I ask nicely to go outside and KILL me one. Sigh.

    • well, also, it’s not befitting of yer kingly station to be doing teh nasty work of pigeon hunting, is it? cuz the feathered rats is so, so nasty. you needs some underling to do teh dirty work. betta yet, can’t yer human just collect, oh, say – 4 and 20 pigeons and bake them into a pie to serve to you? i hear royalty gets that kind of treat mints all teh times. sounds like yer servants is not doing their job…jes sayin’.

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