Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat, where have you been?

I been to London, to rescue teh Queen.

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat, what did you do there?

I chase teh zombie squirrels out from under teh Queen’s chair.

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat, have you lost your mind?

No, and you should fank me cuz they can’t come here now and bite yer behind

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat – how did you get there?

well, expedia helped me save a bunch on teh airfare.

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat – but how did you pay?

let’s just say, mebbe, you shouldn’t leave your credit card out next to teh computer all day.

Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat – tell me you weren’t arrested…

don be silly. MI5 had my back. den after teh parade, teh RAF flew me home, relaxed and well-rested.

Sparky Cat, Spar – wtf?! a parade? what! how? why? who?

Mind yer language. I been knighted. That’s Sir Sparky to you.

11 thoughts on “Sparky Cat, Sparky Cat

  1. Let’s see. A squirrel on the balcony railing from the Queen and Consort photo from, what 80 years ago (or something like that). And they’re only now getting around to using you for eradication purposes? Methinks they also have bats in their belfry.

    • oh, i knows. am going back soon to clear out Westminster Cathedral. want to come? QEII and are tight. i has a standing invitation. we could hang out at B’ham Palace and torment teh corgies. always a good time.

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