Is okay now…

wtf woman. open ups. don you know what teh “hurry” in hurricane means?

I has chased away dis FrankenSandy.  She was really not so tuff.  I showed her my shiny claws an my bitey fangs and she rans to Pennslytucky.

Sorry it took me so long.  If my slow response caused you griefs and wet basements, I suggest you speak to Mrs. Whatsername about dis, as i tried, Lord knows how I tried, to get out last night and make short work of dis bossy lady.  

an anxious community awaits Sparky’s Rapid Response.

You can see how i begs and begs for my chance to serve my community, but no.  Mrs. W. only seemed to care about what happened to her corkscrew and wine bottles. Please keep dis in mind when they start handing out medals.  

Now back to decimating the Legions of Undead Squirrels. be back soon when dat’s done.  in the meanstime, please keep teh cat food safe and dry.

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