I tried to warn yous…

Lord knows hows I tried.  

looks like i will be gone for a while as i track down this new strain of zombified squirrel that has infested yards in teh UK. now i just has to figure out which storm drain leads to this so-called Hamshire, which I assume will be filled wif piggies and so hopefully, after i decimates teh multitudes of Fluffy Fiends and Undead Rodents, i will be able to bring home some bacons.  so…win/win.

you can wish me luck if you wants, but i neva needs it.


4 thoughts on “I tried to warn yous…

  1. You’re so brave, Sparky. We couldn’t even look at that photo for very long. We’d get nightmares easily. We know you won’t need luck because you’re too smart for any other creatures but we’s sending you big hugs.

    Miss Bella and Sele

  2. wait! what? did a SQUIRREL jest reply to my blog?!? HOW did i miss this? and HOW did you get in here, Mr. Evilsquirrel13…IF that is your real name?! you won’t get away that easily…

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