Ping Pong Power Puss

Kittehs in Sports!  Here we remembers Nellie, The Netherland Knock-Out, the Tafeltennis Tiger; one-time Rising Star of the cut-throat world of Dutch Ping Pong.  Shown here in this 1941 issue of Panorama magazine, she is working out in preparation for the upcoming Helsinki Olympics. So agile, so dexterous, she played both sides of the net wif preternatural grace.

But it was not to be. Jealous human ball-hoggers simply could not stand teh competitions.  They took teh ball and went home, turned off the basement light and left Poor Nellie to languish in obscurity, her non-retractable claw stuck in the net.  THEN, to make matters worse, some American upstart comes on this new-fangled TeeVee and completely steals her lime light.

Here we see that Smartie-Pants Tortie, Dagwood, who, while not a bad Ping Ponger, does not take the risks or show the drive of teh Holland Hell Cat. And yet, this “camera shy” diva walks off with teh illustrious Skippy All Time Award.  Go figure.

Dagwood, the Portland Ping Pong star and Skippy All-Time Award Winner.  Also, Attention-Hog.

THANKS to our friend Jan Wilemson and his great flicker page of vintage vignettes!

6 thoughts on “Ping Pong Power Puss

  1. Wow! That is even older than our mom! Sounds like Dagwood is a typical tortie. She did a great job. We think her dad could use a stylist. Aren’t we catty?

    • yes, but we is supposed to be, right? akshully, i did not want to pile on, but i did notice that Daddy Ping Pong had the poise of a fence post. poor guy. hard to go on natshunal tee vee and be beat by a tortie. i’ll bet the rotary club neva let him live that one down…

  2. Ha ha ha! We LUBBED that Fuzzy cartoon! Basketvole! Now THERE’s a sport I could really get behind. I don’t really get the attraction of this baseball stuff with balls and bats–and they’re not even REAL bats. Sight. Humans are so lame.

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