no respect

oh hai.  i was busy yesterday, paying homage to teh King o’ Kittehs at the Natshunal Zoo.  what an inspiration.  so regal. so powerfuls.  and, Wow! what a mane!  he even has mane furs on the back of his knees.  is that ManCatly or what?

He is quite teh guy.

and yet, he still can’t get no respects.  here he is, Imperial Leadah o’ teh Cat World, Lionus Maximus, and even HE can’t get want he wants.  humans just won’t listen to nuffin, i guess.   

ridiculuz, right? i mean, look at how, at the end of the video, he rubs his face on teh door in that endearing and human-fooling  way of saying “c’mon! you know I would neva eets you…”

but no.  Even then teh door won’t open.  damn humans must be watching Caturday videos or sumfing.  but i bet he made them pay.  if those Park Officials walk back inna office and finds biggest fur ball ever on their keyboard, they better BELIEVES it was meant for them.  

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