This Cat for Hire

just so you all knows, i has to be inconito for a few days. i has a dangerous mission, involving Squirrel Racketeering and teh pursuit of Rodent Crime Bosses all overs teh metropolitan areas.  i am hot on teh trail of a crime syndicate that covers all teh vices: from grand theft skateboard, fireworks and baff salts sales, Voter ID fraud… you names it – dese evil Nut Nazis has their stinky paws all over it.

as you can see, i has a badge now. is official so, is official.  you is in good hands, citizen.  (fanks, Cat From Hell.  I won’t let you down).

so, if you sees me, i will be ignoring you.  nothin’ surprising there, but dis time is for realz.

also – fanks to that stoolie, Wooway1 for teh tip

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