A Very Elite Club

Check this out.  I am accepted into The Tabby Cat Club. I has a badge, so is Official and Whatnots. Is Very Exclusives and reserved for the Truest of True Tabby cats with real Tiger Stripes and “M” slashes on the forehead.  “M” stands for “Murder” you know.  Also “Mayhem” and “Mutiny.” And “Mole Muncher.”  “Meow,” prolly too, I guess. Anyway, I wish is was a Secret Ninja Society or an International Cat Cabal of Spies, but is not.  Not yet, anyway.  Just wait until I move stealthily up the ranks.

BUT in order to earn this Significant Insignia, I must prove I has the Right Blogging Stuffs by writing a “Love Note” to my Mom.  Can you believes it? Trust me, I was just as horrified as you, ‘specially when I realized they didn’t mean my Mom who is, for all I know, still trapped in that horrible box at the Crazy Cat Lady Place, but instead, I has to write about Mrs. Whatsername.  I mean, come on.  

It took all my Brain Powers and Steely Determination and Holding of My Nose while I stared long and hard at Mrs.Whatsername, but I finally came up with something. Now I has to go lay down somewheres and rejuvenate from this harrowing ordeal.  Maybe find a nice relaxing mole to munch. But was worth it. 

Come see my Labor of Loves by pouncing on this link: A Token of My Esteems.

8 thoughts on “A Very Elite Club

  1. Gosh, I joined the House Panthers the other day and thank COD I did not have to write some sappy note to the Human who carted me off to the stabby place last month and had my hoohas chopped off. As if! Your note is nice, though.

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