WTW? Where is my cat door?

Wut teh wut?! Dis is crazies.  All my lifes I walks inna and outta teh house through the hole in the screen. Easy-peasy.  I comes. I goes.  Evabuddy was happy with this arrangement. Or so I fink.

Then today, Mr. Whatsisname has times on his hands.  Has tools too.  Has screen repair kits.  

NOW I is TRAPPED.  Is like I has to ASK to be let out.  Like I has to TALK to these Humans.  Like we has to negotiate my every whim.  Who has teh time for dis nonsense?!

Oh! for the good old dayz…Okay, give me a second to figures this out.  

In the mean times, please relive my life of Free Coming and Going by reading the latest chapter of the Midnight Didgeridoo.  If you recalls, I had just spied on Eben’s house and found evidencez that he was not the Monster that broke in and made a Hamster Omelet.  To solve this mystery and save my friend Eben’s hide, I needed an assistant. I found one.  An Ugly one, but they work just as well, sometimes.

Wish me lucks.

4 thoughts on “WTW? Where is my cat door?

  1. Oh Soarky, life is just too unfair sometimes! We used to have a kitty door when we lived in a house but now live in an apartment so we don’t get the choice either now. We’s feel for you Sparky!

    Miss Bella and Sele

    • no choices? I shudders at teh very idea. that can’t be right. did you try being very, very firm with your humans? or chewing a hole inna screen? not that either is very effecative, I knows all to well. good lucks.

  2. I started out an an outside kittie and then I found my folks. I am now totally an indoor kittie and don’t even think about going outside ever. Too many bad things out there. Love beeing the queen of the house. Stay inside and stay safe. My mom is emailing you about information about the Tabby Cat Club.

  3. That’s just an OUTRAGE, SparkySpitfire!! Me, I was a feral kitty when I was itty-bitty but now I am held captive since we live in the middle of a big busy city and we has NO yard–just sidewalk and street and it’s too skeery out there. But you is a free boy–you needs your own door!

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